OT - Any fantasy football players on the board?

Usually July is when I start feeling the itch to get started. Played in 5 leagues last year. 3 for money prize (2 are keeper leagues) that are competitive, 1 with a group on the UVa Rivals site that I’d call semi-competitive & 1 that is mostly friends that play very casually but I keep doing it because the league is like 15 years old.

In my 2 keeper leagues, 1 redrafts every 4 years and this is the redraft year.

In the other keeper we keep 11 and I won it last year. Basically our draft is just rookies, a couple of bench spots and D/ST & K. Team is:

QB - Cousins
RB - Chubb, Walker, Sanders & Mattison
WR - Diggs, Hopkins, D. Johnson, Aiyuk & Dotson
TE - Kelce

Have made a couple of trades this off-season, but most of my team from last year is in place.

Anyone else play?


I play too. But I’d call an 11-player keeper league a dynasty league.

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Yeah, it is.

Only reason we don’t refer to it that way is because the other keeper league actually has dynasty in the name, and about half the guys play in both leagues.

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I’m in a redraft and two dynasty leagues

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In the keeper league we’re redrafting this year, we’re playing with the idea of an auction.

For those who have done both, which do you like better?

Was big into it in high school, played in five different leagues including a $50 money league that I won twice. Now I just play in one where I’m the commissioner, a free 10 man league with friends from college that’s generally pretty casual outside of draft day where we trash each other lol. Might see if they wanna put up $10 or $20 each to up the ante a little though, felt the interest got a bit stale last year.

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I play a good amount (not that I’m that great). Definitely some years better than others. Last year was a good one. Do keeper and redraft leagues. In 3 main leagues. Have been in one league that is auction and absolutely love the format. More strategy involved.

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I dabble been in a keeper league since 08

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Yeah, have done both and leaning towards auction in this particular league. With it being 4 year keeper, and having 3-4 people in the league who just don’t like to trade, at least auction gives you a chance at the guys you want.

For example in straight draft, if I’m picking 10th and want Justin Jefferson, I have no shot at him for 4 years if someone picks him who won’t do trades. Frustrating.

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My family league is entering its 23rd year. 2 keepers, half-point ppr. Price on keeping keepers escalates making it very rare for anyone to be kept more than two years and impossible to keep for more than 3.


I’ve been in at least one league or another for as long as I can remember. This next season, for various reasons, will be the first season I don’t have a league to join…

…anyone interested in a LRA league?


Not that anyone asked, but I played fantasy basketball for the first time this year after several years of fantasy football. Liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

In fantasy basketball, there’s a lot more opportunity to make up for a mediocre to bad draft and to overcome injuries to major contributors because there are so many valuable pieces on the waiver wire and so many games played. While a great draft obviously is important, feels like you can really manage your way to a good season even if your draft isn’t ideal. In fantasy football, it just feels like there’s much less opportunity to turn a season around unless you are great at trades (I don’t like trades for whatever reason).

Downside of fantasy basketball is that you have to manage your roster literally every day. I kind of enjoyed it, but I was also doing really well (finished top of regular season and barely lost in the championship), so that probably made it easier.

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Have thought about it.

Played in a fantasy basketball league like 20 years ago, but our kids were little, and there just wasn’t time to do it daily, and…like you said…it’s pretty much needed to be good.

Got NBA league pass last year, so might make the jump back in for the upcoming season.

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I’ve narrowed down from about 12 leagues to ~4 over past 5-10 years.

I have been running a fantasy football contest called a 1-Timer past 4 years. Each week you pick 6 players (QB/RB/WR/TE/FL/SF) from whe entire league player pool. Once you’ve used a player, cannot use them again for the rest of the season, hence 1-timer.

Been doing it for $50 with 1/2 the pot going to a local charity (Blessings in a Backpack), had about 25-30 in it past couple years. If anyones interested, I’ll set it up again a little closer to the season.


Interesting concept…I’d be interested. Weekly head to head matchups like traditional FF?

Nope, season long total points. I’ve been running it through week 18 last couple years. Some people tend to drop off if they fall too far behind. Thought about having weekly prize, but as 50% goes to charity, it’s probably parse it up too much.

Typically have a thread on telegram to trash talk amongst the group since there isn’t that head to head dynamic.

Stole the league format idea from Scott Fish, who comes up with all kinds of fun leagues/wrinkles.

That’s different…I like it. I’d be interested…will send you a message with my contact info.

I’m interested. Sent you a message. Thanks.

Hey all, just circling back with a more detailed summary of the contest. @wahoo99 and @GulfCoastHoo let me know if you have additional questions. I’m just starting to roll the league site over from last year.


Thanks @ddaley1985 I’ll Venmo you this morning.

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