OT: good basketball twitter accounts

Does anyone have recommendations for good twitter accounts to follow for basketball updates? I hesitate to follow some of the big ones because I frankly don’t have time for score updates of every single game, but I would love some recommendations for analysis and whatnot.

If you’re looking for humor, Mark Titus and Tate Frazier (who also host a podcast) are pretty fun.


oooh fantastic suggestion. I actually listen to their podcast once in a while and they are awesome; I don’t know why I never thought of following them on twitter. Thank you!!

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Jordan Sperber (hoopvision68): analytically minded Xs and Os
Gibson Pyper (halfcourthoops): pure Xs and Os, does NBA stuff too. Was an assistant coach on Trey Murphy’s HS team I believe.
Ken Pomeroy (kenpomeroy): Not a prolific tweeter, but The Godfather of CBB analytics.
Bart Torvik (totally_t_bomb): KenPom but free.
Brian Geisinger (bgeis_bird): Basketball writer for ACCSports.com. Regularly highlights interesting ACC Xs-and-Os/analytics insights with video clips.


Hoos got next and Doug Smith.


Thank you both!! I really appreciate your suggestions and will follow all of them… of course, I already follow Hooz got next! Truly gets me through the offseason. I love this board so much - it’s great to have so many people as utterly obsessed with UVA basketball and recruiting.


HoosPlace (@hoosplace) - although I don’t do much on the hoops side.

Zach Carey from here (@zach_carey_) - good UVA X&Os stuff

Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) - good college basketball scoops (not recruiting related), likes the Hoos, generally a fun follow

College Basketball Classics (@ClassicsCBB) - Highlights from old games (usually Sportscenter clips)

19Nine (@19nine_threads) - throwback college basketball gear with a good number of UVA options

Bennett Conlin (@BennettConlin) - UVA beat writer at the Daily Progress

The D1 Docket (@TheD1Docket) - good for scheduling news & generally competes with Rothstein on those details


College basketball classics is my favorite follow now.

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