Outside UVa Recruiting

Wow. Sounds like Flowers has really gotta be kicking himself, especially since Louisville was his “dream college.”

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To be fair, didn’t Mendenhall used to “tip” commits with the bat signal, and Williford with the “It’s a great day to be a Hoo” thing?

None of them, however, were quite so bold as to have an official account respond to a recruiting tweeter.


This was a very good article / interesting rumination. Pairs nicely with recent thoughts from Sam Vecenie and Adam Spinella about starting to think about discounting / being skeptical of OADs a bit more in the draft context – at least certain ones.

Trent Perry’s recruitment hasn’t gone smoothly. I think he would have gone to UVA and then Notre Dame, but they both stopped pursuing after getting other recruits. If Gonzaga is offering this late, they expect to get him.



Zags feeling not so good about their chances with Zoom Diallo?

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Dang…I like Perry. Happy for him.

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Trilly saying Hokies. Think they’re getting him by default (Florida not pushing) but that’s still a good win for them.

Was enjoying their streak of futility

Yeah I saw on the Hokies board they were questioning if his Florida offer was commitable.

Ryan Jones jr is a really good shooter for a front court player. I think part of why we passed is because he’s the extreme version of Hauser/Jayden Gardner. Really really good offensive player but no defensive upside.

And Florida, if we are to believe the interview with Florida’s Todd Golden following him around on aau, is only about either 5 stars or portal additions (portal additions witha few years left).

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MY has a type

What do you mean by no defensive upside?

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He’s a big body, but can’t defend in space like Dunn , Bond, and Cofie (potentially) can which as we have seen the absence of causing the pack line to fail. Not as slow footed as Hauser or Jayden but still not close to what we ideally need at the 4.


I would bet VT plans to use him as a small-ball 5 defensively, with pick a pick and pop offensive role. Not as much need to have him cover in space if you’re matching him against opposing centers; really the need there is more rebounding and just enough mobility to cover pick and rolls.

I feel like all Tech teams will be a microcosm of this… great at spreading the floor but always lacking defensively and on the boards. Basically a pain in the butt to play

That’s how I thought we would use him if offered. As a small ball 5 with Bond at the 4 down the line. He would have also paired well with Cofie but taking two forwards when we already have Buchanan/Robinson is a roster construction nightmare.

oh my, I actually feel a little sorry for those poor Hokies that follow their bball recruiting closely. Branham just dropped a CB to UF

Ryan Jones’s Crystal Ball Predictions (247sports.com)


When did this thread start? Most replies/views in LRA history by a lot. Maybe time for a new one.


Ill start a new one