Post Game Va Tech Loss


Chavlicek’s face is red… same as mine… a full game of yelling at the TV.


This game does not define our team as we see mid majors play two game series and spliting the series with wild scores (like Charlotte losing by 30 and then the next night they win by like 5 or 7).

However this game really highlighted our weakness and possibly our ceiling:

  1. Lack of interior defense and a Mamadi presence

  2. Lack of hot shooters at the one and two. Kihei showed up today but he also isn’t someone who can shoot off a screen. Reece and Casey are DEFINITELY not at that shooting level.

  3. Kadin’s illness meaning we have to adapt when Huff is in foul trouble or not on the floor. Maybe more McKoy and we run a different doubling scheme?

Next time we play Hokies, maybe we take the Duke approach where we let Alluma score all he wants in the post and stick to their shooters to prevent the hot shooting.


That was a stinker of a performance. But let’s keep perspective, they’re 7-1 and just lost to a tough opponent on the road. That’s what happens in college basketball.


It’s way too late in the season for this, but I wonder if the staff chose the wrong 5 out offense to borrow? I think Davidson’s would have been a better fit for our group:


I think the problem is that it happens to a rival where the amount of energy that your opponent is gonna come out with is predictable. If we lost a stupid game at Miami it would be different


I’m almost more angry with the game plan than the result itself. Even in the first half when we were up 10 or so the ball movement wasn’t great and it seemed like Kihei having to do everything like last season

It also seems like a combination of Kihei trying to do everything himself. He can be a solid offensive threat, but he can do a better job on night’s like tonight of initiating offense.

Nine assists is unacceptable, and that’s on the entire team.

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This is exactly true. All good points and demonstration of our weaknesses.

True but when’s the last time we got blown out by Tech? 1822?

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Road losses in the ACC happen, especially against decent teams. But there were plenty of concerns that were highlighted in this game. Poor offensive rebounding, horrible at getting to the free throw line, very few guys who can create off the dribble, and a weakness in defending good power forwards playing the 5.


This needs to be pinned in the lockerroom asap. This team needs a fire lit up under its ass. Get Angry.

Confession: I hate the “but we won the natty” posts. That’s some Duke level shit. State pride y’all.


Agreed. But blowouts don’t always happen. 13/14, 14/15, 17/18, and 18/19 never got blown out in ACC play. And especially not against cow town.

That’s the kind of bush-league bullshit that invites a brutal ass whipping in retribution. I pray the home game gets rescheduled so our kids can deliver it. Also, I would love to know what Mike Young thinks about this post. If he’s on board with that kind of trolling, I’ll have to adjust my evaluation of his character.

That’s just good marketing. It gets the fan base all riled up and brings some attention to the program. It’s the same type of stuff many on this board were complaining about not being done by the uva social media team.

I got no problem with this. Vpi came out and tapped that a$$ and Virginia got to eat some humble pie til they get a change to change the narrative.


Gonna have to agree to disagree, Dragon. I’m a crotchety old man and just don’t hold with rubbing an opponent’s nose in it. Especially when there’s another game yet to go this season. I’m sure their fans love it, and from that perspective, it’s savvy marketing. But if I were their coach I would give the social media guy an earful for giving us even more motivation to kick their ass in the rematch.

I’m awaiting the @brogdonfanpage breakdown of the offensive sets. Anecdotally it seemed like 5 out was run out of necessity due to who was on the court, and a lot of sides which this team does not have the personnel to run (despite JWillys comments :man_shrugging:). And too much hero/iso ball.


I respect that opinion. But i see it as that’s how sports and media function. If you got a problem with a team celebrating on your court dont let them win. In a rivalry lile tech uva any player should not need extra motivation. And if you’re the team who posted the content you should be confident enough innyour skill set to back up your bull.