Postseason Basketball Non-UVA thread

Time for a fresh thread now that it’s the postseason. Tourney talk, coaching carousel, whatever.


I don’t think there’s ever been a Tuesday first round ACCT game that I have ever enjoyed as much as I will tomorrow’s Duke game. I’m not even sure who they’re playing.


It still baffles me that Sean Miller and Will Wade remain employed


Is Kansas State really a “big job”?

Power 5 school. It’s not not a big job.

It’s not Duke but it’s not Weber State.

Edit - I guess K-State is kind of Weber state. Isn’t he kinda the only one whose ever won there?

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Frank Martin had at least one good year at K-State.

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I wonder if Arizona goes the “beloved alum” route with Damon Stoudamire (at Pacific), JET (assistant on staff), or even Luke Walton? Feel like they need a “feel good” clean slate that fans can buy into

Anyone know who the highest seeded ACCT champion was?

Beasley was unreal on that team. Wonder why a DC kid went to Kansas State to play


The little big apple be callin…


Elon is going to win the CAA aren’t they.

Elon beat top seed JMU by a point yesterday with help from Jamie Luckie.


The issue with that is what can be done about it? I’d be so pissed after that admission of fault because that shows that refs were out of control.


App State pulls off the 4 wins in 4 nights to grab the Sunbelt. Did it a little more comfortably tonight than their OT games in the quarterfinals and semifinals.


It’s hard enough when there are good dudes out there making genuine human mistakes. The huge egos of guys like Luckie and TV Teddy are a recipe for disaster. Especially in those one bid league tournament.


Exactly! When someone who is in fear of losing his job they try to do it well! In this case there still be no repercussions against them and so now it’s on to the next game for them…

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Favorite non ACC Tournaments?

For me it’s the Summit and MVC. Then probably the CAA and A10 are next up.

Both of my in-laws are South Dakota State grads so I follow the Summit League.

I latched on to the MVC back before expansion tore the league apart. The quality of play was always really high and I love the moniker Arch Madness (played in St. Louis annually).

The CAA is obviously because of the local mix especially during its high point before VCU, Mason, and ODU departed.

The A10 is usually high quality basketball and the VA ties make it interesting.


I miss that old CAA and all the Virginia rivalries.


Came across this

2 take aways:

  1. It is Criminal Kihei/Reece with Jay Huff aren’t top 20 in this stat. Stupid sexy 5 out and whatever we are running now.
  2. Alex Barcello is a name I haven’t heard in a hot minute and I did not know he was at BYU now.
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Maybe Reece to Sheds next year?

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