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I really enjoyed that. Coach Willy truly bleeds orange and blue. He is interesting. No recruiting talk but that’s probably on purpose. Next year’s playing rotation will be interesting to say the least. Glad to hear Mckoy has made an impression. Willy is gonna be a star,lol .I’ll be sure to tune in every week.

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Thanks for tuning in. Coaches can’t comment on recruits. So you’ve got @HoozGotNext for that.


I should have known that. HGN is my main man

Mark have really really improve and starting tu ask questions that we all want tu hear. I noticed that with the last few podcast. Great job.

I have a few questions for next time but when and where do we post for the next episode.  Thanks

HGN have been killing it. I don’t know any of the players he mentioned the last few days and thats never the case with me. Im around the game and kids so much and know so many people. Its rare I am lost and I am definetly lost now. Again, I keep it real.


That was fun. Gonna leave a random assortment of Qs here:

  • How does the staff incorporate analytics into their coaching approach (e.g. game planning, player development)? Has that changed in the last few seasons?
  • Does he think the offense will be more blocker-mover or continuity ball screen next season? What does the process of developing new offensive sets look like?
  • With the trend towards spreading the floor on offense, how has that changed how they’ve recruited, especially the kinds of bigs they recruit for?
  • The defense consistently gives up a lot of threes, but opponents are consistently way below average on those threes; how has the defense been able to pull that off?

Great listen. Mark and Coach Willy have a good relationship it shows.


Thanks for that, glad it’s going to be a recurring thing. I don’t have questions nearly insightful as the ones above, but figure I’d toss them out and won’t be offended if they’re scrapped.

  • What non Bennett/Williford coaching era UVA player would he liked to have coached most?
  • On this pod, coach mentioned missing being out on the road recruiting, going to AAU events, etc. Would be interested to hear any funny / memorable stories from past recruiting efforts that he’d be willing to share.
  • Would love to hear some insider memories of Ty’s recruitment from both sides. First identification, early impressions, how the visit went, how the pitch stood out compared to other schools.

Those are great.

Thank you


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Thanks B

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Not CTB or Coach Willy-but the staff would have walked the dog on the ACC with Diane and Joseph on the wings.


So I guess the answer tu my question about where tu post, is here. I have one or tu light questions. I will post more next time. Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. Other than UMBC what game we lost give him the most nightmares.

  2. Do they try tu talk player from transferring?

  3. The top 3 kids that transferred he really shocked him and why.

  4. How long did it take for him tu learn the packline and did he ever have any concern about TB strategy and system.

  5. Do the assistant coaches become closer tu the kids they recruit?

  6. What player or players did he go tu bed thinking they will be a Hoo and wake up hearing they picked another school?

  7. Do he get upset when he recruit a kid very hard and a “blueblood” come at the end and snatch the player? Can he sense when that is about tu happen?

  8. What is his favorite AAU event and why?

  9. What is the favorite question recruits want tu know about UVA as a team and program?

  10. Did he ever disagree with TB starting lineups and do he let him know?

  11. Have any transfer ever comeback later and tell him they made a mistake?

  12. Which player in his opinion improved the most during their UVA career and why?

  13. Where is his favorite campus tu coach and why?

  14. What was TB best recruiting class?

  15. What was TB most talented team?

  16. Did Teven Jones get fouled at the end of the Mich St NCAA game?


Tu needs his own week. These questions are fire

to me… no transfer is a shock. seems like they are all rooted in playing time…if they are unhappy and they dont want to be here…they should go get happy somewhere else

Just listened. This was really good. Willy seems like an all around great guy. I thought it was great to hear him say that the guys going to the G League won’t impact college basketball very much. I completely agree. Excited for the next few parts of this series. I’ll try to think of some questions to ask. Great job

I hope The question will be asked but not every transfer is unhappy.

The guys going tu the G league will impact college. Just ask Michigan and now UCLA staff and fans.
He work for college basketball. Do you really think he is going tu say anything negative.

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