Questions for podcasts?

Ping us here if you have any questions for us or want particular guests.
We have this week:
Dirk Kastra

We’re also working on having some reporters who cover UVA sports to see how they are holding up during this quarantine.

Anything you guys in particular want us to cover?


Hmmmm. I can’t really think of any particular questions at the moment, but I would be interested in hearing Coach Bennett tell some stories, but that will not be easy to get him on. I’ll try to think of some specific questions for other guests, tho

Idk how realistic this is but it would be really cool to have a current recruit on like Reid or Keels to hear from them how this situation is impacting their recruitment. Might be a bit too much to ask but it’s an idea


That’d be… interesting

We are having Willie Dersch on tonight. Any questions for him from the crew? @TUGARD maybe?

Favorite memories in cville? Best part about Uhall? Funniest teammate? Memories from last year’s march madness?

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We’ve been careful with recruiting news as there are ncaa rules and regulations around that. We arent a recruiting service, but we still try to abide by it.


Makes sense