Recruiting Rundown

  1. What to make of Kentucky offering Trevor Keels 2) Keeping tabs on UVA commits and top target and 3) Point Guard candidates.

I’ve seen several extended highlight reels on Trimble now and while he is an elite scorer and athlete, I think every bucket was an unassisted one-on-one play. Haven’t seen a single assist or even a pass from him. I wonder does his team even run an offense. He needs to get some diversity to his game to succeed at the next level.

Hand’s video was brief, but was also a string of unassisted one-on-one buckets. I’m sure when Bennett and the assistants want to see games live, they are looking at all the non-highlight areas of each player’s game. I recall the high school videos of Ty and Kyle, and they always included crafty dribbling and passing to get scores for other guys.


I’ll be so glad when this is over. No disrespect to Keels I’m sure he’s a finw young man and has a ton of talent. But this reminds me of recruiting Ron Curry all that time and effort and attention I wasted for nothing


I so agree with you.

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With all respect, I disagree here a little.

First, without watching full games, it’s impossible to know whether Trimble is dishing out assists or running the team offense based on highlights. The highlight packages may just choose to emphasize his impressive scoring talent. That said, all we have is highlight packages, and I fully agree with you I’d like to see highlights of his other skills as well, but without actually watching his games, it’s impossible to know.

Second, even if he is primarily a scorer, there is a ton of room for guys who can get buckets at the next level. He has elite athleticism for his height, finishes through contact, and appears to have a solid jumper. There are plenty of college systems he can excel in either as a score-first PG or a two guard. If there is a question about his ability to succeed at the next level, it’s whether he would succeed in a system like ours. I think that’s a very fair question, since our PGs are typically more floor generals than go-to scorers. That said, the past few years we’ve seen how difficult it can be to manufacture points when you don’t have any guards who can consistently beat their man off the dribble and get a bucket.

Anyway, I’ll admit, I just like Trimble’s tape and think he is an impressive talent that will be fun to watch in college. My gut says he ends up somewhere like Michigan, but it would be interesting and different to see what we did with somebody like him.


Trimble is different. Gimme that guy.


Based on changes to our offensive sets, this is what we are missing and would flourish!

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247 lists us as having offered Chase Cormier. I’m guessing that’s a typo though. Our team account follows on Twitter, so I assume there’s at least some interest

Cormier mentioned UVA in an article with one of the other 247 sites and they just tossed an offer up on his list. There’s a lot of players they want to evaluate.

I agree that there is room in our system for another player like Casey, who can also dribble and shoot out of the gate. We can call him a point guard or combo guard, but either way if he can score on the perimeter plus has his other attributes then that is a good thing!

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