Reece Beekman summer highlights

So smooth…


He’s got really good body control on those runners and floating jumpers.

Seems a bit taller than I recall. Is he a legit 6’3? If so, with those long arms , he’s gonna be a problem on D


I’m probably more familiar with Beekman than any commit we’ve ever had. Started watching last summer and kept coming back because he’s just so fun. I’ll go 6’2 but yeah he’s freakishly long. More importantly he uses it really well, sort of a Ty Jerome like ability to anticipate. Sneaky with it. You don’t see some of the plays he makes coming. Steals, deflections, blocks, an overall nuisance.

Only one Tony Bennett sighting in those highlights. First to find it gets put to work next summer spotting him on streams. :rofl::rofl: