Relive the Memories — Tony Bennett-narrated videos showing program growth since 2009

Over the past 10 years, the wisdom and composure behind Tony Bennett’s comments during press conferences and interviews have been a huge part of the joy in watching this program grow, so I wanted to create some (very amateur-level) videos that use his comments to narrate the development of the Virginia men’s basketball program starting in 2009. I also set this story to the soundtrack of the movie ‘Miracle’ since I think it is so iconic!

  1. The Foundational Years: 2009-2015

  2. The Pillars of Growth through Joy and Pain: 2015-2018

The first video includes as much as I could to document the 2009-2015 seasons that set the stage for years to come, and the second video is an account of the 2015-2018 seasons that took us on an emotional rollercoaster and gave us so many gifts and lessons that would eventually lift the 2018-2019 team to the pinnacle of college basketball.

I made these videos for the pure joy of reliving the past 10 years so I hope you enjoy the memories too if you give them a watch! I regrettably couldn’t include everything, so if you do give them a watch, what memories did these videos bring back for you?


(I’ll eventually be creating a couple more videos to highlight the 2018-2019 season and national championship in this style, but grad school and other responsibilities have made this a pretty lengthy process on top of how time-consuming it is to put the videos together.)


Great stuff! Been watching a lot of clips/videos from the natty run lately just to boost my morale so I’ll be sure to check this out.


These were great. Thanks for sharing. The '13-14 images still get to me the most.


Great stuff but I really didn’t need to be put through the Syracuse game again, lol. Please get to the end of this story. Some parts of this are like watching a movie when your favorite character unexpectedly passes away. Kidding
This is put together well .There is a lot of talent in this place. Just grateful you let this old Hoo enjoy it


Really enjoyed your videos! Looking forward to watching the next one on our greatest season! Well done!


Thank you! These are tremendous!

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Great work. lotta talented people around here on LRA


love these