RIP John Thompson

Not a story about the Hoos, but I cannot be active on a college basketball forum, and not mark the passing of a coaching legend. John Thompson was the architect of an amazing team. During the first heyday of the Hoos, Thompson was building his own dominate big man. His impact both in and beyond the sport are still being felt today.


Absolutely and thanks for this. I cant think of one more single coach that got more out of his guys than Coach Thompson


No doubt. Hearing him talk about AI is one of the best experiences of my life.Being in DC I got a chance to work with him on air a few times and interact with him a bit, he was always amazing. I remember him talking about recruiting and coaching AI and talking with him about declaring for the draft. He refereed to AI as his baby boy and he meant it, love that man like he was his son. Same with Alonzo Patrick, Dikembe all of his players. crazy strong bond.


As a kid, the Sweater Game against St John’s was a really fun event to me. Huge game, big rivalry, and a little extra sauce to make it fun.

It really showed Thompson in a different light, I thought, than you were used to hearing in the media.


If you’re interesting in hearing how The Jim Rome Show saved Thompson’s life, give this a listen. Cool, very cool.


I admire John Thompson. He did a lot for social justice and hoops. He recruited some skillful players and coached some good teams (including an NCAA Championship, right?).

But Hoo fans remember the hype and serious contest when Virginia visited Georgetown for the “dual of the decade”:


We went to this game. While it was a great game, what I recall the most - Ralph was sick, and we had to battle a snow storm to make it home to Central Va.

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