Rundown of 2021 recruiting targets


Such good insight. I love your work.


It has to be a matter of time before Isa Silva has an offer. Looks and plays just like Jerome.

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So, it looks like Whitt and Hayes as 2020s won’t be Hoos (although stranger things have happened). Christie is a really long shot and Furst is going to be very tough to pull from Purdue or Indiana. So, for early targets that leaves Reid, Keels, Silva and Allen (and Silva will be hard as a west coast kid). We have 3 open scholarships and, if the very loud rumblings are true, a 4th that can be used in 2020 or 2021. And with the 2019 and 2020 classes looking very strong, how does Tony put the 2021 class together with immediate paths to the floor being limited.

Any other names that you have heard in connection with UVA as Tony likes to have lots of irons in the fire - or has he changed his recruiting strategy to be more selective or as a result of the new rules about live periods, summer play, etc.? Does he pocket another scholarship for 2022? Thanks in advance.

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You mentioned a big factor in why there really are no under the radar type offers right now, the changes in live period schedule this summer limited evaluation time. I think back to Reece Beekman last summer. They spent three weekends watching before offering. That couldn’t happen this time around. Other schools will toss out offers just so they can say they were in early, then never follow up on it. UVA doesn’t operate that way.

I don’t expect them to be nearly as aggressive this Fall as the past two years. We might see them spread their attention out more . Things could look a lot different after the season, making opportunities more attractive. I think in the end they’re recruiting for 4 spots by 2021, with room for 3 to play right away. For example, there are scenarios in which UVA would look a lot better to Carter Whitt by Spring. That’s why they’ve continued to stay involved after Reece committed.

There are probably at least 50 players they’re evaluating, so that’s a slippery slope to start listing names. But here’s a few others who you really haven’t heard a lot connecting to UVA but it is happening.

Jordan Longino Philly guard visited last summer. Heavily watched since, especially by Williford. From Dre Hunter’s old AAU program Philly Pride.

Trey Patterson Athletic 4-man from NJ. Actually surprised he doesn’t have an offer yet. Had a huge summer with UVA on hand for a lot of it.

Jakai Robinson One of my personal faves. Brings some Justin Anderson like qualities. Energy guy, crazy athlete, nice stroke too. Came into Peach Jam without a high major offer, now in everyone’s top 100 list.


Thanks for the info and insight! Really like the three players you mentioned as possibles. Based solely on the limited clips of all of the players, we are still missing the knock-down jump shooter (other than Christie who puts it up quickly with good extension) in the Joe Harris/Kyle Guy mold from the guys mentioned. A lot of them resemble Ty a bit more (and that is not a complaint!). Are McCorkle and Abdur-Rahaim shooters in Kyle Guy/Joe Harris mold - particularly as guys who can come off a screen and get a shot up quickly?

Carson is the next gen’s version of Kyle for sure. That’s not to say he’s Kyle 2.0 at all. Bigger, maybe actually a better run & jump athlete but not as explosive and certainly doesn’t have Kyle’s quick release. He’s dangerous off screens letting it fly already though. I think he was at 48% from 3 during the high school season. So yeah he’s an elite shooter.

Jabri’s an average shooter right now. Streaky though, had 10 threes in one game this summer. He’s just a straight up bucket getter that can create his own at any time. We’ve never had anyone like that under Bennett, at least not on arrival.


Great - nice to get real info from someone who has seen most of the kids in live action vs the hi-light vids most of us watch. I really appreciate the responses.

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