Sabre and stl vs locker room access?

I looked on the sabre and streaking the lawn. and there isnt much of a mention of this site. Wonder why? do they not know it exists or just dont want to support this? seems like people would like to support players vs bleacher report or whatever owns stl…


I agree! I’ve been trying to get the word out as much as I can, but I think LRA should get more recognition!


I recognize the importance of growth for LRA’s long term viability. At the same time, I like the idea of that growth being organic. That might help avoid the site being inundated by people who are only interested in being disruptive. So far, the “Twitter” muscles drive people away from sites where participants are anonymous don’t seem to be an issue here. I’d like to see things stay that way.


I’ve seen LRA mentions on The Sabre, actually a lot about the Renewal event. Definitely no blackout there. I don’t visit STL as often so not sure about them. Some fans probably consider it improper to publicize another UVA site on those forums. I agree with them to an extent. When I first started posting on Facebook it was cool when someone linked me on The Sabre. Now I’m like oh geez, I hope they’re okay with that.

I don’t consider us in competition with either of those sites, would hope they feel the same. LRA is producing such unique content, frankly that no one else would have the access (yep I went there) to match. And I I think there’s also more of an attempt here to reach a different youthful audience. Call it the Wahoops crowd. He’ll soon pass Phony Bennett as the most followed UVA themed fan account on social media, and I bet most of them aren’t regulars on those sites.


I think it will come with time. The sabre has been around for a long time and there’s a lot of history there and as hgn says, this is a different animal.

As the season starts and our content keeps coming, i think we’ll start seeing more traction on the boards. And if not, we’ll figure out something!

Have also been told that this board is a little intimidating knowing that players may read it…Not sure how true that is, but still interesting


On that note. I want to announce to our members to not worry about that. Ty and Justin have told us that this is a safe place. You can say anything and it will be respected and taken seriously. Even if you say that Justin should’ve stayed for his senior year or that Ty’s ankle bracelet is ugly etc etc. We all have a right to an opinion and we want this forum to be open, transparent, honest but most all, fun. Don’t let the players or former players on here hinder you from fully expressing your thoughts, opinions and even hot takes…because we love hot takes. Cheers


I don’t follow STL. But I do read the sabre about once a day, more frequently in-season, and comment occasionally. LRA, so far, is different in the sense that it’s a lot more questions by people like me to HGN and other experts, as opposed to posting opinions and arguing with other posters. I like the much lighter traffic here as well (but maybe the LRA hosts don’t appreciate that as much). Another site I frequent is Hoos Place. That site is very content heavy, with frequent in-depth articles about basketball, football, baseball and womens soccer. The hosts on Hoos Place are very passionate UVA fans who spend a lot of time on number crunching, analysis, etc. I don’t always agree with their analysis, but I appreciate their work effort and enthusiasm.


I completely agree with these sentiments. While the lighter traffic is nice, we are definitely working on ways to enhance traffic and get more opinions.

We definitely don’t want Locker Room Access to be a place were people angrily present arguments and are combative but we do want to allow for healthy discussions to take place.

We want to be different from your normal message board and say twitter, where people are constantly arguing and bitching about anything and everything.

Hoos Place is great too, he is very detailed and thorough.

As far at STL, it isn’t my favorite and I personally don’t love the content and journalistic side of the site. But they do work hard and are a part of the UVA family. Just a preference for me.

The Sabre surely has a good hold on message board activity because its been around for 20+ years but when evaluating it, we found that is was crowded, cluttered, tough to navigate and often negative but still a lot of good you can gleen from its message board and site as a whole.


There is quite a bit of mention on The Sabre, some of it general in nature and some due to Hooz Got Next info.


I just took a minute and read all of this, and it is very interesting. The uniqueness of LRA cannot (and probably will not) be matched. I love what everybody who has made this amazing site happen has done. I cannot for what is to come. I like @HoozGotNext 's opinion on how he doesn’t consider LRA competition, but just a different, awesome, unique, UVA site. I’m very excited for @wahoops to pass Phony Bennett, too. I love what he’s done. I think that it’s awesome that players, like Ty and Justin, have the ability to read this. I think this site is great, and will just continue to get better! I agree with @wahoops on how each site has its advantages and disadvantages. I think that how good it is now, and how good it will be and continue to become, LRA is the best, or will become the best!


A high traffic alternative to the Sabre would/will be fantastic. Too much repetition, group think and board idol worship take away from actual Hoo news.

I’d been hoping for another option for some time. That players might actually be involved from time to time just makes it all the better.

So far, so good.


Kyle’s debut article over at STL via TheSabre

Only follow links to STL but have viewed Sabre daily for years, the switch over to present site (sportswar) changed the forum, not necessarily for better or worse.