Sales 101 chat

Would love to hear perspectives , tips tricks etc… I’ve been in tech sales for years.

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we still do a ton of zoom…started during the pandemic of course. But so many of our clients are still hybrid/wfh, even if we wanted to do in person we’d still have half the group or more dialing in from wherever.

So we try to work ourselves into events where the client is bringing their team together. National sales meetings, strategy offsite, whatever. Always asking about when these are happening and if they’d like us to come and talk about industry trends or a specific topic of interest. I run a market research/consulting company so we always have plenty of content to present, and we can touch base with all of our key contacts while we are there.

Frankly, I find this way better…touch base over Zoom but save the in person for some sort of a high impact meeting where we are getting a lot of exposure.

One thing that has not changed because of the pandemic