Saturday September 14 Event at The Renewal

The event at the Renewal today was awesome! Loved hearing from guys like Ty, Mamadi, and Kihei. I honestly think that Justin could become an on-air analyst or something like that. I had no idea that he was that great of an interviewer! (If thats even a word) Mark Jerome was fantastic, too. Cant wait for what this year has to bring for everybody, no matter where they are playing. The Locker Room Access team did a great job putting on such an amazing event. I can’t wait for more in the future! Thanks again, and as always, Go Hoos!!!


Glad you enjoyed it. How was the venue?
Next time we will try to fix:

Parking issues
Visibility of the main stage (lots of obstructed views).


so I guess you aren’t gonna post it on here? I understand… as it was a “live” event…

we’ll post it here on the forums soon. We are looking to keep it on the forums vs having the youtube link shared out.



Sounds good! I agree that stage visibility could’ve been improved a bit, but that was the only problem I found. Check out ‘ZOCALO’ for your next event, if you want a change of venue. Super big, open, and great venue with a stage and everything. Great food and location. Check it out! They’ve even hosted a WaterBoys and Hoops2O event before. Hit me up if you have any questions. Plus, my family owns it! Thanks again, I think the Renewal was a great venue! WAHOOWA


We thought you guys did a great job! Especially for the first event. Mark and JA both did well with the interviews. Look out Cory, Justin will have your job lol. Hope to see more in the future!


Haha I think Justin can work for ESPN or something when he’s done playing!