Scouting Mamadi Diakite Freshman to Senior Defensive Improvements NBA Draft Analysis - Video

Really excited to start doing a few film breakdowns for the LRA Youtube channel. Editing is a little rough on my part right now, but that should improve. Hope these are interesting and informative! Currently finishing up video on Mamadi’s offensive development, so keep an eye out for that, and of course, make sure to subscribe to the LRA Youtube channel!


Great stuff! Excited for this series!


This is awesome i love these sort of breakdowns. Looking forward to diving in


Very nice film breakdown that was interesting and informative. Takes a lot of work to put this together. Thank you!


Finally got time to watch this. Great stuff. Really good work @brogdonfanpage. Mamadi may not be the flashiest or the most successful player that passed through CTB’s program but he is my poster child for what great coaching and patience can do. The progression from his first year on the court to where he is now is amazing. And people will say, that Mamadi was inexperienced and he would have developed under any program if he was given the time, but that’ not true. He needed more than time, he needed a program and he needed to raise his skill set.

Watching that video does bring up some concerns I have for what becomes of him at the next level whatever that may be. He’s going to need to find the right fit, which is not easy if you’re not a top ranked recruit.


Mamadi was an awkward foal when he first stepped on the court at JPJ. He graduated with the speed and grace of Seabiscuit. One of my personal favorites to watch evolve.

3rd to 4th year was an amazing transformation with his footwork and ball handling, in particular. Should have a long career in the pros, especially if he can knock down threes at 35%+.


The NBA wasn’t too high on him last year but I believe with his defense (and offense) that he can find the right fit and have a good career. He’s a good offensive player but his defense is elite. Vernon Carey sure is glad that Mamadi didn’t guard him all the time. That was special


hell yea… Can’t wait to dive into this and your future scouting vids.