Season Ticket PSA

I was a new season ticket holder this past year and going through my first renewal process.

I got a call a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to renew and stated “of course!”. They charged my card a service fee of $25 and I verbally accepted to pay in full (I think…maybe I deferred to payer later but didn’t understand deadline / received follow up communication). Never saw the ticket price charged on my account. I just assumed they’d charge it in August.

Well I called today and sound like there are some newer folks in the ticket office and they’re struggling a bit being short staffed. Deadline is to pay in full by Friday (7/14) to retain tickets which you can do online. Phew, glad I called - maybe I’m just dumb or forgetful but sharing in case others had a similar experience.

Other stuff -

  • To get the option to move up closer or change seats as they open in August, you’ll need to make a pledge for 2023. Priority based on that pledge.

  • Lower level seats require annual fee of $3500 for the wait list and $25,000 gift (can be paid over 5 years). That gets you on the wait list.

  • Estimated that the waitlist is around 150 people for lower level right now, with maybe 20 seats open currently. Maybe more after Friday. Pricey!


There will be a lot of those lower level seats opening up in a couple of years. Most were bought at the same time. Not sure exactly when that is for me, but doubt I will re-up. Interested to see what they are going to want out of me. Might look for someone to share it with as I rarely get to half the games anyway.


Looks like I got charged my first installment payment on 7/3. Nothing more to do if I’m keeping the same seats I think.

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I was thinking of upgrading this upcoming season… but they haven’t opened up that option yet.