Selection Sunday/Bracket Talk

Have at it. Looks safe we’ll be a 4. Hoos are preferred opponent at 13 /5/1

I’d like to see a second round match up w Texas Tech as our 5

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Knowing the committee they’ll give us Liberty. Wouldn’t mind seeing UNCG

Brian Bennett at The Athletic has us facing Liberty as our 13 in his bracket watch. 'Nova is our 5. Tony matching up with Ritchie in the first round would be fascinating and brutal all at the same time.


Id thought Liberty might make it to the 12 line before Georgetown and Oregon St

UVA:KU discussion up next on Gameday. Nothing new or specific said

But in terms of the replacement teams are they saying if a Gonzaga has to pull out in the S16 that the replacement team (say Drake or Duke) would move into that slot and play that game? That’s how i heard it. I originally thought it was just if someone pulled out before the first game. If true that’s nuts


Every bracket I have seem today has us in Gonzaga’s region.

I’m probably in the minority, but IMO there’s a good argument for us being a 3 or at least better than the last 4 (in Gonzaga’s region). The quantitative rankings like us as a top 12 squad.

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Most things I’ve seen don’t have us as the last 4 seed

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I don’t think we are. I think Fla St probably is so I don’t know why we would be matched up with Gonzaga but that is what I am seeing. They probably have to juggle all all the B10 and B12 teams ahead of us but at this point it must just be their opinion. We will have to see.

Wouldn’t read too much into which region the bracketologists have us in. Guessing the correct regions is fairly far down their priority list when making their brackets.


That sounds good

Alright. Final guess. 4 seed vs Colgate. Nova our 5 Baylor our 1.

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I wouldn’t hate that. Could be worse

Pure pain

For fucks sake

AND IOWA :sob::sob::sob:

It’s interesting they put us in the same bracket as Kansas given the known risks for both teams.

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