Seven Story Lines from Lacrosse's Win over Loyola


Excellent analysis!

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Terrific writeup on the game and what to watch for this season. Looking forward to reading these.


Captured it beautifully @brogdonfanpage. Keep covering the team!

Team looks very, very strong - the fact that we cruised and Dox only had one goal speaks volumes. Personally think it’s Moore’s team this year, like when Danny Glading took over the controls. The depth reminds me of the '03-'07 years. We are a bit green on D but Rode and Kade should get them to where they need to be before too long. Definitely think we are favorites to get back to champ weekend.

LaSalla’s performance will be the difference between winning big and close games. If he can trend toward the upper 50s then we should easily see a few multi-goal streaks a game.

I know we got hit with a bunch of penalties and some pushes but you have to embrace the physicality. It’s what got us to the championship. They will figure out when to use it. Plus some of those calls were pretty soft.

Gotta love this team! Lars and the boys are going to be a fun watch this year.