Something I Noticed In the BC Game

In the game against Boston College, I noticed that when Kihei Clark brought the ball down, our offense was slow-tempo (which is typical for a Tony Bennett team) and we had to force many bad shots as the shot clock was winding down.

When Kody Stattmann brought the ball down, I maybe wrong, but that is when the Wahoos went on a 18-3 run. It seemed like the Pick n Roll Kody ran with the bigs was working.

Is this because Boston College wasn’t prepared for UVa to have a faster-paced offense, or is it because Stattmann is better with the ball for UVA? I would also like to know if UVa will try to incorporate this more in upcoming games.

Kihei has a 1.5 to 1.6 Assist/Turnover ratio, while Stattman’s is at 0.9 to 1.1, which is increasing. What is better for the team as of now? I am not saying Kody should be our permanent ball carrier, but he should get more tries as the PG like Kyle did.

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Jay Heath did a great job pressuring Kihei, just making him work that little extra. I didn’t notice what you’re talking about but will take your word over re-watching haha. Anyway I think that’s why it happened. it’s exhausting for Clark to play nearly the entire game, pressure the ball, and take care of it under pressure.

It could have also had to do with UVA trying to take advantage of BC’s freshman guard Rishwain playing more than usual. He’s a poor defender to say the least. Playing without Thornton turned out to be an advantage for them. He’s their leading scorer, but in a very inefficient way. Their lineup adjustment meant moving Heath over to the ball where he got the better of Kihei in a way that I doubt Thornton would have. And we failed to maximize their defensive weak link, Rishwain.


Interesting feedback HoozGotNext. I did see constant swtichting on PnR’s from BC. I notice ACC teams on offense are trying to get big men onto Kihei Clark when they are on offense like Florida State did in the ACC Tournament. Kihei is an excellent defender, but I feel as if some of their shorts were dropping due to the hight disadvantage.

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