Spring Sports Coverage?

Hey all,
With spring sports starting up in the coming days/weeks, I wanted to reach out and hear what people want to see coverage of on the blog. Obviously, my coverage and the blog in general has been basketball centric, but I’ve gotten the okay from @Merch to branch out. Personally, I have a great deal of knowledge on lacrosse, and a fair bit of background info on the baseball team, but if there’s anything in particular y’all want to hear about and think we should cover, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.


Just in general, I have wondered about the overall health of the UVA Athletics Program. I know its seems to be doing better then ever with all the recent success, so it seems like a great time to talk about it. I know they are reinvesting into their student athletics programs by tearing down old facilities and adding new ones. But Im completely clueless past that fact. I guess Ive been curious about the details and future plans for expansion and how that translates into future progress. I know fan attendance has been on the rise, curious about the numbers there, and I assume this additional revenue can be reinvested in the programs and make the campus a more attractive place and better suited for our student athletes and potential recruits.


I’d love to see more coverage on spring sports. With all their success it would be interesting to see who everyone is and everything. Obviously I’ll never be as invested in it as I am with basketball but it would still be pretty cool to know about. I’ve been to a few baseball games and the atmosphere is great and it’s just a fun place to be and a great way to spend a few hours. The baseball field got a renovation around 4 years ago and the was a new softball stadium just built over the past year that looks incredible. I’d definitely like to know more about other sports tho


Agreed. Great thoughts and ideas my man

Love this idea. Definitely would love to have a go-to source on Lacrosse and Baseball.


is there even a track and field team? Only kidding, but was wondering if any football players will do any events for the track and field team.

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Haha. Track facilities are really nice too. What facility isn’t nice here at UVA?