STAB’s Desmond Roberts Commits as PWO

Sounds like we need a podcast with him and his classmate my man


That would be awesome, let me talk to her.


You proly have the best scouting report/ insight as well

Oh, I wish, my knowledge of the ins and outs of actually PLAYING rather than watching are pretty weak.

Edit - Plus, leaving on Fri for cross-country drive with older daughter. Which will be great, but will keep me busy for a while.


@HoozGotNext I know that you’re busy watching Reece but give us the scoop at your earliest.

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This is news to me. He’s a borderline D1 scholarship player, which makes him a steal for a walk on. Kind of an undersized combo forward. Like people saying Leon Bond…he would have been a great Big South or maybe high D2 version of Leon. Similar game.


We finally know why Tony wasn’t out recruiting. He had to lock up the walk on.


Yeah, he’s a 3/4 glue-guy stuck in… I want to say the body of a 2/3 but I’m pretty sure he’s shorter than Franklin. Solid athlete, great motor and attitude, and everyone loves him. Rose and I were just the other day trying to guess what was going to be next for him, and this is an absolute best-case scenario.

Edit - Also, at least from what I’ve heard, I would be surprised if the interest from those schools had scholarships attached.


Like I said before, with his list if interest, he will get academic money at Uva


Only academic scholarship provided by uva was the Jefferson scholarship. They didn’t really do small academic awards like other schools


Well nevermind then. The Ridley does I remember? No clue what it is based on

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IIRC there was:

Ridley (high-achieving black scholars)
Echols (set your own major course of study)
Jefferson (full-ride)


Oh yeah, didn’t know about the Ridley. Maybe uva should advertise it more…

I just remember the odd thing where Echols scholars got no merit aid which was unique among “honors colleges” at state schools


I only knew because Ted Jeffries used to work with them raising money so…

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Had a coworker whose daughter graduated from Duke last year (boo) and UVA was one of the schools on her final list. Then, UVA was only doing need based financial aid other than the Jefferson Scholars and no merit based financial aid. It was a big turn off for them because they would have done much better on the merit side than the need side had it been the opposite.


Duke’s loaded with the academic scholarship money - gave me double what UVA law did.

Uva could spend a bit more on scholarships if they wanted to drag students from some of the small private schools


I thought Longwood should have offered, but this is awesome for him.


Congrats for selling your soul to the devils


Echols, in the College, and Rodmans, in Engineering, are Scholars in strictly the educational sense. No $…well, as a Rodman, you did get $ strictly to spend at the bookstore.

I started at UVa as a Rodman Scholar. After one year, I knew I didn’t want to be an engineer. So when I transferred to the College, I automatically became an Echols Scholar. You are given total academic freedom as an Echols…no need to declare a major; you just had to have 120 hours of credit in 4 years to graduate. You could take ANYTHING and get in with no issues…even over atheletes…


Being Echols was what put UVA head and shoulders above the other schools I was considering. Some of my favorite classes that I still talk about to this day are ones I never would have gotten to take without that program.