Suggestion: News Only Category

Maybe this defeats the idea of this forum but I would like to see a news only category or channel or whatever. HGN, staff and maybe a few others would be allowed to post news but other members would not be able to post responses. Getting news is the only reason I pay for VIP access. It gets really tiresome to have to read through a bunch of threads to find the few tidbits of real news. Based on comments posted over the however many months I have been (or was) a VIP member I don’t think I am the only one that feels that way.



@OscarR This is possible without creating a new category… mods and admins can still post on closed threads…

We could experiment with this… but would have to figure out the right flow to do this…

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Love this idea.

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Or adding a feature where someone can enter a thread and jump right to HGN’s posts in the thread


You can already do this… just enter a thread and search HoozGotNext while checking “search this topic”… it’ll just cycle through those posts


Interesting. I did not know that



I want a thread where i can talk about my life… who do i talk to bout setting that up?


I want this thread to close automatically in 3 months


You can also tap on someone’s icon, and if they’ve posted more than once in the current thread it’ll bring up a button that’ll filter to just their comments in that thread. Example, I clicked on jazznut; that “2 posts in topic” button is the one you want.

That said, a news only feed would be fine, I can understand the desire for it.


I mean, we get the emailed news posts from HGN. The fun part is immediately running over here to see how people are misinterpreting, overreacting, etc. I guess if we’re talking about “actual news” from any source (kind of like thesabre’s news link), then someone would have to curate those feeds…

Now I know that WFS_Hoo was not replying directly to BDragon . . .

. . . but damn, that’s a pretty good TWILIGHT ZONE episode right there


So are you all thinking it would just be an HGN feed? Look at what I put together quickly… something like that?

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That looks great. However, it looks like only a couple of people (on this thread) have expressed interest besides me so I don’t want to create more work for anyone. Sorry if I have wasted your time. I appreciate the efforts of ALL moderators and admins.

@OscarR Did you see the hacks in how to only see certain poster’s posts?

See how it hides everyone else’s posts?

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