⚾️ Super Regionals vs Kansas State


Whats your guy? You and KarlH and Pride and others have followed closely all year

We goin?


I really like our chances this weekend. K St. hasn’t been very good at all on the road this season. Our pitching is really coming around at the right time and have to believe our bats come around a little more than last weekend.
If Jay pitches anything close to how he did last week on Saturday we’re advancing.


Love our baseball program…delivers year after year. I had a chance at tickets, but I was a little slow and missed out. I will be glued to the tv though. Go Hoos!


I’ll say this… I think the odds of us getting a 2-0 sweep are higher than the odds of us being eliminated this weekend.


If Jay throws the ball like he did Sunday we will advance. Also, Are there tickets available. I’ve caught the fever

Hope we won’t need him until Omaha.

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I do too. I was really happy If I told the truth I held my breath every pitch. Just hope he can keep it up.

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Still some tickets on Seat Geek

Thanks man. Now see if i can work it out How much . I’ll go check it

So you’re assuming a 3rd game already?

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Only thing I mean by that is Blanco pitches game 1, Savino game 2. Don’t want a game 3!




Jay starting game 2 makes perfect sense IMO. I put them in Blanco Woolfolk Savino order in the article thinking that would be what we use. Should’ve clarified calling my shot on that better :expressionless:.

Of the 2 (Jay vs Joe) Jay is the more likely to go deeper in the game against a P5 level lineup. Save Joe and hopefully save bullpen arms for a game 3 situation. But if your first 2 starters are on you can sweep and not worry about it. Absolutely love the move, throw as much confidence in Jay as you can.


TV guy “great start for Kansas State, we knew they wouldn’t back down in this environment”. Yeah they showed a lot of toughness shining the sun in our eyes.


Down 1-0 after 1. Left runners on the corners.

Still 1-0 after 2. Left runners on 1st & 2nd.

Overall… not playing well so far.

LoBs, HBPs, BBs and some not so stellar defense.

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Bats haven’t bern good since tech series. Not sure what happened.

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No. Bueno. DP killer.

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