Syracuse Game Thread - 1/30/22 - 7 pm

Yeah, me too, and I tend to be a worry wart. I feel like we deal with that zone better than most. Plus, we are good.

Programming note: Ryan Dunn logged zero minutes (on his birthday, RIP) when we played Cuse three weeks ago. Will be interesting to see whether that changes.

Shed had 24 minutes against Cuse, his last game above 20. Had 18 a few days later against UNC, when of course Tony invented small ball in the second half. Then 5 minutes or less in each game until a little resurgence (14 mins) against BC.



CTB eats zones for breakfast


We have all the tools necessary in our toolbox to shred their zone. The only fly in the ointment is a potential late game full court press from them. They do that pretty well …

Let’s also not forget that the Cuse is not a juggernaut at home. They have already lost 4 games at home. And, we are a much improved team from the 1st time we played them. I can only see us losing if we bring our D game.


We’re 11-3 in the TB era against ‘Cuse. Only one of those losses came at the Carrier Dome.

The record always surprises me. But I think most games are played pretty close.


2022: the Hoos were 2-1 in the 2nd game with only one day rest…included the Reece winner vs Duke.
2021: 1-1 - blew out Cuse and also got blown out by FSU
2020: 1-1 … lost to NC State and beat FSU
2019: 3-0 … wins @UNC, @Va Tech, and the shootout @Syracuse


Looking for a good game from Armaan tonight. Backup plan = BVP Magic ®.


Make it a shirt now.


Did his birthday die?


Will be curious how much Shedrick plays tonight. Pretty important against the zone to have a finisher on the baseline. He’s been really good at it too. His averages vs Syracuse the last 2 years. 11.5P 9R (3.5 offensive) 2.5 blocks.


He’s also done a good job of defending Edwards in the post. It’s a tricky one as BVP will pull Edwards from the basket, but might give up off rebounds and put backs on the other end.

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Will be curious to see how much Dunn gets a shot in that spot, or if this is a game we see his minutes take a step back.


I feel like Dunn could fill that role well. It’s not a traditional big bang and clang role against the zone just roaming and finding your spot to finish. Dunn can do that.

I’d guess back. Playing against the zone is best with experience, shooting and quick passes. Don’t think Dunn is their yet on those things

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I would guess so too, but I won’t be surprised to see him get a look early in the game to see if his better rebounding can be enough of an offset to Kadin’s better dunking. (by better I mean easier…nobody dunks better than dunn)


Dunn is our best rebounder and alley oop recipient. Probably our best finisher around the rim too. Already more stable through contact than Sheds. Still need Sheds though.

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I think if Kadin gets an early look HE needs to give TB a reason to keep him in. Rebounding especially, couple dunks against the zone wouldnt hurt either.

Personally think Dunn gets a real chance to continue his development although no clue who he subs out etc


Dunn is 74% (14-19) on close 2s but Sheds is an eye-popping 85% (44-52) on close 2s. Both can do the job for sure. I would guess Dunn’s minutes are probably going to be more about what they need defensively.

Playing a shooter at the 5 is actually less important in this game because you don’t necessarily use the 5 to draw out Cuse’s big man. I would love to see a return to the strategy seen in the 2019 away game where the guy who catches in the middle dribbles out to the top of the key to either force the big to step out to him or to draw help off of a wing shooter from the “2” part of the 2-3 zone, while 2 rim finishers lurk on the baseline to keep the outside defenders in the “3” part of the 2-3 zone occupied. So Reece or Kihei in the middle, iMac and Armaan on the wings (or whoever of Reece or Kihei isn’t in the middle), and Dunn and Kadin on the baseline.