Syracuse game thread

Starting the big lineup that was effective in the first game. Clark Stattmann Key Mamadi Huff .


Kody needs to break out today following good game vs BC


That was the best lineup against BC.

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Take the shot Kody!


early and ugly. lets see how we settle in

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We don’t click well

Refs are attrocious once again


It’s interesting. They started out in a 1-3-1 set against the zone. Now moved into the 1-2-2 where guards flash into the middle. That was the most effective in the first game, only with both bigs in the game on the baseline. Now they have that lineup in, see if they stick with it.

That was a nice play call out of the timeout, screen for Kihei to get to the rim. Gotta finish it. Huff showing some life today!!

Mamadi has found something there on the baseline.

Would have been a great half from Huff if he wouldn’t have left the FTs out there. 4 offensive rebounds and 2 blocks. He’s bringing the energy they’re begging for.

Have said it before and may continue saying this. We have to run the ball when the opportunity presents itself.

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Yeah even if they can’t get in transition, it’s important to have every available second of the shot clock to run offense. I think that’s Bennett’s point in wanting them to push the ball up.

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Beat in transition twice. Tony Bennett is pissed right now.

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If Kody isn’t going to shoot that we need to try Tomas at the top of the key. Or Casey. Or somebody.

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The whole team is currently lacking some serious confidence…They are better than this.

I don’t get it. They just beat this team at the start of the season. Why are they so tentative?

Psychologically we are just down right now. But fortunately, Syracuse is in serious foul trouble…We definitely could pull this one out…Perhaps Key should be flashing more to the center and looking for the ball at top of key.

YES TOMAS! Love the attitude.

Where has this been? We cant let up like we did against BC