Syracuse Post Game Thread


Best game of the year so far, except maybe Providence IMO. Big road win against a solid Syracuse team.

  • 22 assists is a season high for us. Second-highest scoring game of the year, tied with Iowa.
  • Scored 40 points in the paint vs just 24 for Syracuse. Good offense, especially from Kadin (double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds)
  • 9 offensive rebounds was 3rd-highest number of the season. They also got up 57 shots which ties their season high.
  • Boeheim bros. combined for 17 free throws. Only two teams have shot more than 17 free throws against UVA this season. They both lost, and so did Syracuse.

More of this please. Best win of the year after the Clempson debacle


We beat Clemson next week if we play like that. Just need to obviously avoid scoring droughts and hope they don’t go unconscious again


Scratch that. They didn’t go unconscious they actually shot pretty normally looking at the stats, we just couldn’t score to save our lives. For some reason I remember them hitting everything


Don’t know about that. Syracuse is Lost-to-Georgetown bad. Could we beat them? Of course. But Today in itself is its own bubble. A bubble that I do like though. That was fun. I had fun watching that. Might be the first game this season I rewatch.


I’m not sure the outcome will be dependent on our play per se. If Clemson plays defense as badly as Syracuse did, then we have a chance!

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Great team win! A few thoughts:

  1. Love Kihei hunting his shot (stats don’t lie; he’s shooting 40% on significant volume)
  2. Love that Taine got some quality minutes- wish he would get longer stretches to get comfortable
  3. Reece and Kihei played some GREAT defense
  4. We need Igor to get a few minutes (we shot 35% from 3pt–better–but we need more shooting)
  5. Really liked Shedrick and Gardner crashing the boards (solid step from Shedrick)

Lastly, it’s pretty clear that Tony doesn’t want to change his starting lineup even after starting 7-5!

Probably what makes him one of the best. Selfishly, I would just like him to play Taine consistently…and give Igor/McCorkle a shot every night (play the one who is hot that night).


I just really feel Taine is gonna end up being a really good player for us in the long run. Love how aggressive and confident he can be on offense.


Can’t follow in-game thread and watch. Wish I could but too oldhead probably (my teen daughters term, not mine). Few thoughts…

Offensive ball movement was refreshing. Gameball to kihei. Reece not a factor. Wish Kadin was Papi tuff. I love Taine. Miss Igor although he may have had trouble against Syr. Had Kody flushed the breakaway, I may have pissed myself. Franklin should attack the paint and work on his floater.

Defense was more active than I’ve seen this season. Double teams extended to nearly half court a few times. Need Tony to mix it up more like tonight.

I had flashback sweats when Syr went full court press with ~3 min left. Whew.

Excellent win. Go Hoos!


I would just note, Reece had 5 assists to 1 TO and was operating in the middle of the zone distributing for a good chunk of the game, which is arguably one of the most important roles in any offense against the zone. That said, agree that he wasn’t ever really threatening to score (he only took 2 shots). But thought he played solid all around.


Reece also sat a good chunk of the 1st half after picking up his 2nd foul and Cuse went on a run to tie at half.


Game #13 vs. Syracuse - Data: Per 100 Possessions

Team - Offensive Rating 113.8

Defensive Rating 106.2

Net Rating: +7.6


Net Rating:

Shedrick +48

Murray: +24

Beekman +19

Clark: +11

Gardner: +9

Franklin: -7

Stattmann: -8

Caffaro: -94

Milicic: DNP

McCorkle: DNP

Offensive Rating:

Murray: 151

Shedrick: 147

Beekman: 129

Clark: 126

Gardner: 120

Stattmann: 107

Franklin: 104

Caffaro: 32

Milicic: DNP

McCorkle: DNP

Defensive Rating:

Shedrick: 99

Beekman: 110

Gardner: 111

Franklin: 111

Stattmann: 115

Clark: 115

Caffaro: 126

Murray: 127

Milicic: DNP

McCorkle: DNP


See this is where the stats lose me Dave.

Like I am still on the “we should only play 1pg at the time and Reece should be the priority/Kihei can still have the same impact with 25-30 minutes off the bench and being a bench player doesn’t mean you are thought of as less than” camp but

  1. How does Stattmann have the same defensive rating at Kihei? According to the eye test Kihei made Joe Girard his B&%$# and Stattmann I saw gave up some drives/shots that lead to Syracuse points and assists.

  2. How does Reece have such a high offensive rating when his only points where on a tip in off a miss. 5 assists to 1 turnover is amazing but the impact Franklin Jayden and Kihei had is undeniable.

Stats are only part of the equation. Nothing wrong with a good ole’ eye test.


Take the stats and mix them with the eye test for a wonderful smoothie …. As a coach I like some analytics combined with eye test so I’m not just getting one point of view… go back and watch the offense and defense the 8 minutes that Reece sat…. You may be surprised when you rewatch it the effect Reece had on the game.

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It has been said numerous times, but the individual defensive rating is worthless. It’s based on a formula that uses your team’s adjusted defensive efficiency for the game (basically points per possession by the opposing team with some magical tinkering for the overall seasonal strength of their offense) and then adjusted for the individual player’s defensive rebounds, blocks and steals. As you can probably figure out based on the individual player inputs, it greatly favors taller players. Dave the Wave is welcome to post the individual defensive ratings for each game, but I think any conclusions drawn from them are flawed because it measures very little of what good defense values.


The team had a +5 winning margin.
With Reece on the floor during his 32:25 of playing time the team was a +15. That means during his 7:35 on the bench UVA was outscored by 10 points.
And yes I know +/- can be a flawed stat some games.
But basketball is a team game - it’s not how an individual plays individually… it’s how the team performs with 5 guys working together.

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I’m not doubting Reece’s impact as the captain of Team Reece but Kihei making Joe Girard an absolute nonfactor was probably the biggest defensive impact anyone had last night


When I rewatch the game the second time I also track how many missed shots or empty possessions caused by individual players as well as made shots or drive-bys creating assist for others. I’m happy to post those periodically to as that would be a more exact determiner. By the way most of the time it’s pretty much a mirror of the defensive ratings