Takeaways from Spring Recruiting (blog)


Thank you for highlighting Shedrick. So many posts on here about adding a long bouncy post guy when Shedrick is exhibit A with 3 more years left. And we all know as much as we like a post guy in that mold, Tony likes that type of guy more. Our spring additions should also signal that Tony isn’t worried about chronic health issues with Kaden. Our biggest need was a guy that can get buckets in the post, and we got the very best one available in Gardner - who also brings toughness and the dog mentality which we also sorely lacked. Gardner and Shedrick is a formidable front court.


I think a sneaky big takeaway is that CTB appears committed to trotting out the Beekman-Clark backcourt again. Regardless of what you expect out of Igor next year, it is clear that combo will be getting substantial minutes and could possibly start.

Great stuff HGN. I’m super high on Shedrick.

Ps- Zach - you still gonna drop some insights from your convo with JG?


Coming tomorrow, finishing up the story as we speak


This may very well be true, but two things:

  1. We could easily trot out a lineup of Beekman/Kihei, Franklin, Murphy, Gardner, Shedrick if Murphy were to come back, which wouldn’t be playing both together.

  2. If Murphy doesn’t come back, we could still do Beekman/Kihei, Taine/McCorkle, Franklin, Gardner, Shedrick.

I’m not saying those are likely, but just saying it’s possible. And I actually think option 1 might be where we end up if Murphy were to stay. It’d be a beast of a lineup. Then if we wanted to go small, could have Reece and Kihei out there together and Gardner at the 5.

Anyway, who knows. Just saying I think we have some options.


I think Reece getting more confident on offense as well as not having as much of an inverted offense (shooting bigs w/ Huff and Hauser) could help a lot of the issues they had together as a tandem.

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Lol nothing sneaky about it. Bennett, from the article on 247 a day ago:

“Obviously we have Reece [Beekman], we have Kihei [Clark], we have some guards, but a battle-tested, proven guard that can play the two, some one, you know if you want to go three guards however four guards, you can do that.”



Looking forward to it! (Even if it has to wait until tmrw)

yup just waiting on the final seal of approval from the man himself