TB and depth

So dont read my post. Isnt that better than telling another person what they should do?

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You did not answer my question regarding your schtick. Why the need to draw attention to yourself? I don’t read your posts here – I just see the lingo. It’s the same stuff you’ve used to poisoned other sites.

Again, I do what I want tu do. You do what you want tu do. See how easy that is.

Can’t we all just get along


Are you aware of his history of inflammatory and degrading comments he’s made over the years toward a coach who is honestly trying to run a clean program and develop student athletes?

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Here’s where the anonymity of these chat rooms and true character collide. You can continue to post a decade of tripe anonymously and without consequences or accountatbility, or find a different forum where you have to answer to the nonsense and lies you spew. Man up.

You do you because TU is going TU do him. See how easy that is.

There is a mute button if you want it.

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Ignore is greater than cancel. Those who try to cancel people … hmmmm

Back to the subject… I think @NorVaHoo was on the right track about talented incoming freshmen upsetting the balance. Bennett has had several strong “reload” recruiting classes in 2010, ‘12, ‘16, and ‘20 which were then followed by relatively underperforming teams when those recruits were freshmen in ‘13, ‘17, and now 2021. Often there are some upperclassmen who expected to lock down a starting role, and then transfer after the season. You can expect it again this Spring.

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