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Watching the replay… the first 3 block charge plays i saw were all officiated terribly and incorrectly … I mean none of them was particularly difficult for any high school varsity official…. It was a change on Dunn on the dunk. It was a block on Dante’s pass and crash to Rohde. And Dunn drew a charge on the baseline drive by the opponent.


The dude that got posterized by Dunn had a foot clearly in the restricted area.


He also was moving after Dunn left his feet. Block according to rule change.


His foot only moves backward into the restricted area after Dunn is in the air and making contact with him. It’s his body bracing for the fall.

Gun to my head, I think it is a charge, BUT - while it is not official whatsoever - no ref is going to call a charge on a dunk that awesome. We collectively as a basketball community have silently accepted this for years. A bunch of poster dunks are charges, but whatever - if you go up and over a dude and nail a sick dunk, that whistle isn’t blowing 99 percent of the time.


Yeah, there’s some sort of unstated “for the good of the game” clause here


The dude started falling backwards before there was any contact. A charge call would have been a travesty.


He wasn’t falling backward. He was looking up in disbelief. :wink:


It’s actually Rule 7-4.c - if a defender gets teabagged on a successful dunk attempt, automatic blocking foul even if his position has been established. Taunting is also allowed in this circumstance.


Once legal guarding position is established, a defender may move obliquely or backward to lessen the blow of impending contact.

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When you think about it, it not only takes a great deal athleticism and skill to pull something like that off, but also a lot of guts. He was up there, very vulnerable to an unfortunate landing. Tony may have gone “oh no” except it happened so fast.

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I’ve watched players make spectacular dunks for decades. Dunn’s was great, and I don’t want to take anything away from it, but it was one of many I have seen. However, what I really loved about the sequence was when, following the dunk, he exchanged the hand slap with the kid who had been sitting at the baseline. That was really, really spectacular.


Ha. Imagine calling a charge on RD there? Would make the Cory thing look like a pick up game argument


Game 4 vs. Texas Southern:
Offensive Rating: 100.0
Defensive Rating: 53.2

Individual Offensive Rating:
Ryan Dunn: 188
Leon Bond: 129
Jacob Groves: 123
Jordan Minor: 123
Blake Buchanan: 113
Dante Harris: 86
Andrew Rohde: 81
Reece Beekman: 76
Taine Murray: 73
Isaac McKneely: DNP
Defensive ratings:
Ryan Dunn: 42
Reece Beekman: 42
Leon Bond: 48
Blake Buchanan: 56
Dante Harris: 60
Andrew Rohde: 64
Taine Murray: 66
Jacob Groves: 71
Jordan Minor: 75
Isaac McKneely: DNP
Dunn = +146
Bond = +81
Buchanan = +57
Groves = +52
Minor = +48
Beekman = +34
Harris = +26
Rohde = +17
Murray = +7
McKneely = DNP

How often you see defensive numbers like that?

Good grief. What’s the historical context for a +146 net? Getting it done at both ends, to say the least.


2020 a lot

I am sorry this is about 2 days late, but thanks for linking the post-game press conference, HGN. I love Ryan’s energy and his dunk made me fly out of my chair – and I’ve watched it like 100 times – but what I absolutely love about this kid is his humility. It’s all about the team, how he can improve, and gratitude to God in everything he does. That’s classy, and I hope that attitude is contagious within the team. It also makes cheering him on such a joy. I do get very positive vibes regarding this team’s chemistry; they seem to have fun playing together, and that is an intangible that can’t be forced; it has to happen naturally.


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