Thank you Mr. McCorkle

Title says it all. Thankful for the time you spent as a Hoo, wish you the best going forward.


Agreed, no matter where he lands, I’ll be cheering for him.


Yes, best of luck to Carson wherever he lands. Seems like a great kid. I hope he finds his way to extended playing time somewhere that suits him.


I wish Carson the best in finding his path in life and where he’ll continue that journey. I have no thoughts, good or bad, on his basketball future after he leaves. If he later gives an interview with guns blazing and leashes cut, that doesn’t change anything for me.

Great kid. I hope he finds a great situation and crushes it wherever he lands.


Love Carson! Hope he checks in on us here from time to time. Always a Hoo in my book but he’s got a fan for life wherever he ends up


Cant wait to see him play lots of minutes

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He would probably excel at Syracuse, but his name doesn’t end in Boeheim

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I feel like Davidson could be the perfect match - he would get tons of run, close to home, culture like uva, and great academics


Is Davidson the default step down prototype for our guards transfering out? Seems to always be mentioned

I think the geography + academics + having had the greatest shooter of all time makes it seem natural. Maybe if Steph curry had gone to William and Mary it would be mentioned too


Makes sense. Thank you.

Also one of UVA’s most prominent metaphysicians went to Davidson undergrad so I’m sure that helps :wink:

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Also, Virginia has a connection with Davidson going back to Terry Holland. That might be part of the reason, too.


Igor’s goodbye IG post

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UVA thank you for giving me the chance to represent the Hoos last season. This season will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks to all my coaches, teammates and fans that were supporting me and the team this last year. Hoos forever❤️


Ironically those were the only two possessions he was in the game the entire year.

Syracuse was the 1st place to come to my mind for Carson. He is a great kid and i hope he lands somewhere that he can show how good a shooter he is. I wish the best for Carson and will be keeping up with him. He stood for everything UVA stands for and he deserves the best

Don’t think he’s big enough to be at the tip of the zone, but you never know. They did just play Girard a bunch. But that was seemingly part of the problem. When that zone is working best, it’s got great length across all the positions to destroy the passing lanes.

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I knew Girad had played there quite a bit. Big reason why i said Syracuse although in reality he probably won’t end up there. Probably a mid major. Radford offered Malachi today