The 5 Pillars

Hey all - new poster here, but long time follower of the hoos.

I’ve been intrigued by coach Bennetts 5 pillars for quite awhile, and have tried to include their lessons in the way my company goes about their day to day.

Anyone else here done anything with them from a business perspective? I think its a strong way to get people believing in something, and really allows for them to remain competitive and want to win, but also understand that it needs to happen together, as a team.

Perhaps to the players, have you ever thought about discussing in further detail what the 5 pillars mean to you now that you’ve left UVA, and how you continue to focus on them throughout the course of your hectic lives?

Go Hoos!


I think that all 5 of his pillars could apply of all aspects of life. There are very unique, and I think about them all the time.

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@Tengl418245. I can expand on this more tonight. But Locker Room Access is built with the 5 pillars in mind. The goal is to build a community that gives all the players an even deeper connection to this community and fan base. Finding people who are passionate about that, are servants and work as a team. Just look at Wahoops, HGN, and Conor Murray…The podcast event…that costs a few thousand dollars to setup. All out of thankfulness, passion and servanthood for the fans.

Will give it some more thought and talk to the guys about it! Great question!


@Merch this is amazing! I can really tell, too. I would loved to hear you expand and elaborate on this, if and when you can.

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@Merch Thanks for the reply. I think what you’re doing is great. The players who actually value the fan base on the level you all do is few and far between.

I think you’ve got a great opportunity to leverage the 5 pillars into something that can truly impact all people, regardless of their connection to the UVA community. It’s a message that resonates with all people, and can provide a North Star, so to speak, on what is truly important in life.

I’ll be looking forward to your response, and the responses from the guys.


We really hope so. We have big plans to expand this out to give everyone a better experience.

We’ve heard from players that they want to stay active in the community but don’t really know how. So that’s where this all came from. It’s tough to follow every ex player’s website or instagram or twitter or snap chat…so we thought lets do the work and make a platform for the fans, but by the players.

When we add people to our operations team, we think about those pillars. Are they servants? Are they Passionate? will they work well on our team(unity)?

Those all apply to a company that needs to be built on sweat equity.

We’ll add this question to the podcasts so u can hear how each guy thinks about it!


@Merch This is great, and I agree with you on how this a fantastic way to keep in touch with the players. Would love to hear some guys’ opinions on this!