The JWILLY Show: 1/25/23


Any recruiting trips this week? And how do you recruit when you think you are going to have a lot of open scholarships but at the same time you have no roster clarity until the spring with transfers, covid extra years, and any 2023 additions?


As player and as a coach… do away games really feel more difficult? Some players I’ve heard in interviews have said they like away games more because of the villain feel. Do you think any of our players thrive more on the road?


Will throw in a question I thought about in the offseason here. Folks roundly rejected the idea, which I of course, only took as more fuel. :wink:

Do we continue to scout guys who have committed / signed NLIs? In an age where the portal is so much more important to roster construction than previous, staffs have to make player personnel decisions in April/May before they have the incoming frosh on campus (or “grounds”, if you are one the many people who like to refer UVa like it’s a golf course). To what extent does the staff (or should the staff) scout guys like Blake Buchanan** to determine what he will be able to contribute come November 2023 (in other words, how does staff figure out the delta between Summer 2022 Blake and Fall 2023 Blake (or do they?) ? )

** Fwiw, I think it would have been a better question for Gertrude, who would have been playing against significantly better competition. There’s an obvious problem with Blake’s quality of competition for gleaning meaningful info.

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Roster management:

Do you guys plan to fill all 13 slots every year?


Do you accept tips from amateurs? (see @Hooandtrue )

Skills development:

Do the bigs work on moves? (see Clemson post players)

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Lol i can answer this. No tips. Literally every name we mention is someone they already know LOL. Someone they either already checked in to and already passed on, checked into and saw no chance, or checked into and though “hey lets keeps this kid in mind for the summer”.

Never underestimate how hard the assistants work at identifying kids way ahead of time. I remember last year I went to social media to see if there were any new 2022 names and Getter and Williford were following 2025 kids LOL


Biggest surprise of the season thus far?

Least favorite road trip?

Thoughts in mambo sauce?

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What are the ingredients in the Thank You Notre Dame Tomorrow sandwich?


Next time, remember: small words and short, declarative sentences. These guys are having enough trouble as it is just working their computers.


Lol, haven’t listened yet. Can’t wait now.

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@haney is definitely not into the whole brevity thing with his q&a

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That’s why I call Jeffrey Lebowski El Duderino

That wasn’t so bad! Got Mark to laugh at the golf course thing, so that’s a W in my book. Got J-Willy to think about delta. Thanks @Spencer! Thanks @BDragon for the sneaky condiment recommendation.


Haha I just like to gage JWilly’s feelings about D.C. Trying to read the tea leaves.

Edit: Also Mambo sauce = straight delicious and maybe DC’s biggest food secret.


I dont think Ive laughed as hard as I did watching Williford trying to understand that delta question.

Also lol aat @DFresh11 talking about Maryland fans. Their soccer fans are truly the worst.


Back to Nicknames/Slogans- JWilly mentioned “Blue Collar” and “The Standard” which I vaguely remember or thought it was attributed to somebody else?

Another question I would have next week @DFresh11 that you can ask JWilly is- “How much of the practices does he run on a typical basis?” “Does the responsibility change from Summer to Fall through the season?”.


All good. I explained to him that the semi GOAT poster named @haney is an tad verbose and proly had like 5 internal struggles posting his 25 questions. But it all comes out in the wash

Most importantly Jay Willy loved it once we were off live


Can we get Haneys definition of delta by the way. Mad that had us laughing

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Just a fancy word for difference/differential. I used to have to talk to economists in my old gig and it apparently melted my brain. Don’t get me started on the “but for” world…