The JWILLY Show 7pm est. Will post it here!

What’s up with Kody Stattman and Justin’s minutes? Prep for Gonzaga? Ask any questions here. Will post the link as well.


What are his thoughts on team chemistry and how this group has bonded (or lack of)? Also how often do the coaches check in on the players one on one just to see how they are doing mentally and with living in the times we are in as youngins?

If a team is playing small ball, do we want to play Huff and give him as many touches in the paint, or do we go small and play a lineup where we even see Hauser and murphy at the 4/5 and a switching defense?

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Why don’t we run more iso/post up sets on the block for Trey or Sam when they have smaller guards on them?

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As mark and Zach talked about in the post game, who will guard the ultra dynamic Jalen Suggs?
Also the story of how this game (Gonzaga) came to be about

updated link

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These don’t play for me on my iPad

Not sure what’s causing some devices to not play. Do they work on our facebook page? Here is the audio version, just in case. The JWILLY Show - post William & Mary, plus preparing for Gonzaga - Locker Room Access

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YouTube. So smooth. Facebook. Evil spying organization.