The JWILLY Show catches up with Justin Anderson, Devon Hall and Jamal Robinson


Great episode with a variety of topics and guests. Good work

I am with you Big B

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I did think it was interesting how Jamal Robinson (former HBCU coach) thought that this top 20 prospect wouldn’t end up at Howard, and instead chose a route that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe he’s just doing it for the publicity, but I really do think that if there’s any sort of a season he will end up there. And I do think that this will start a new movement that many players have teased. Only time will tell

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I say this every week, but this was the best show yet. Lots of interesting guest and everyone had something to say.

I thought Jamal Robinson was amazing. I loved what he had to say about Maker. I’ve had similar conversations with friends about is the commitment real? Honestly I’m not sure. I want to say it is, but I’ve also had similar conversations with family about are HBCU’s realistic options etc. Was awesome to get an honest opinion from someone in the know.

I also liked hearing about the bubble from the perspective of 2 guys who have busted their butts to get to the NBA and get this opportunity. To hear the level of gratitude they had, vs. some of the post you’ve seen on social media from players who have been around the league a bit more. Shows the content of the character of a UVa man.


Same for me all around. Love watching JWillys face light up especially when his former players pop up on screen. Can see the pride Coach Willy has and the love is obvious among them all. FOMO for Fresh


No doubt. I noticed how JWilly pops when one of his players shows up. And the way he interacts with them he really does look and sound like a proud papa when he hears from his former players. It’s really great to see, and it makes it easy to see why he is such a great coach, and will be a standout HC one day. He cares, and his players can feel that.


They haven’t loaded on my podcast app yet. Have they been released yet in podcast form?

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Look at the JWilly show getting some love from the national media for breaking news.


That’s awesome!


JWilly continues to be a must listen! +1 to the Dragon for noticing the proud papa coming out in JWilly, I loved how excited he was to hear about JA’s progress towards his degree. Mark is asking good questions too.

Not sure if this question has been answered already, but do we (or JWilly) think that TB has listened to the show? And if so, what does he think of it?