🏀 Transfer Portal Recruiting Thread

Making a new thread since Portal recruiting ramping up/maybe had assumed we would be done by now instead of just really starting :sob:

Anthony Dell’Orso from Campbell is on visit finishing up. 6’6 wing forward with 2 years left, @HoozGotNext mentioned he exclusively played the 4 for Campbell. Has already visited TCU and visits the Hokies next.

Elijah Saunders from San Diego St visits this weekend. 6’8 225 really good athlete and 32% from three on over 100 attempts. However the rebound/block rate isn’t that impressive given how he is a good athlete and San Diego St fans are extremely bummed he is transferring out/was important to their future but also note how he needs to become more rugged and embrace the glue guy aspects he is capable of.

Trent Perry, 2024 pg/sg out of California, we are still awaiting a decision on. Realization of distance seems to be the hold up but otherwise good vibes but also concern (yes that doesn’t make sense LOL)

Others of note:

Williford started following Ven Lubin who just announced to the portal today. 6’8 forward out of Vandy (and formerly Notre Dame) we recruited some out of HS. Has a do not contact tag but may still be actively engaging in a recruitment behind the scenes.

TJ Power: 6’8 shooting wing/forward out of Duke is someone we were heavily involved with out of HS and seems to be close to a decision. BC might be the hometown favorite with Wake Forest also involved. But staff also interacting with him on social media (likes and follows on top of probably zoom)

Chisom Okpara 6’8 forward out of Harvard with two years left: talked to him some during high school and some overlap with both Bliss and Dunn circle wise. Stanford rumored to be the early favorite/academics clearly important


you just want to be able to post more than every 15 minutes lol


That was the VIP thread lol


I still really want Perry & Power. Though, I know that is a bit of a pipe dream. As a defensive program, prioritizing shooting will also be my preference.

but not getting caught up in 10000 posts on how kids fit until they actually come on board.


I don’t understand why recruits aren’t looking at our 4 spot and being like “Yes, please.”


You mean the Blocker Number 1 position? Can’t imagine why they aren’t beating down the doors.


Both Gill and Deke played at the 4 and went to the NBA.

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Didn’t we try for him last time he was in the portal?

Jamie Shaw on X: “St. John’s grad transfer Chris Ledlum has entered the Transfer Portal @On3sports has learned https://t.co/LKRlfbaDF2 https://t.co/YsIZN3Nnrp” / X (twitter.com)

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We have no problem putting those guys in the NBA


I think Ledlum is out of eligibility, though Pitino talked about trying to appeal for an additional year for the Ivy guys whose teams didn’t play in 2020-21. Not sure if that really works though.

That yale guard who just entered sounds perfect for us!!!

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Would be nice to have another guard with the ability to be a heel to the Auburn fanbase:


You know what they say. If you can’t get Mahaney, go get Mahoney.


August Mahoney sounds like the name Aiden Mahaney has to use on his fake ID to get into bars.


I’d be concerned about why a great shooter can’t get more attempts at the Ivy level?
Offensive efficiency is through the roof - making it seem he takes very few kinda good shots…


Keith Friel 2.0 (but yale and not dartmouth)

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Was just gonna say Friel clone

the current recruiting situation feels like those 1st halves Tony and staff love where we’ve scored 3 points in 13 minutes, but we all know we’ll somehow get to 20 by half it’s just not clear how.

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Yale was a fairly slow team, so Mahoney’s possession-adjusted 3pt rate does work out to be around 10 3PA per 100 possessions (about where Jake Groves was this season). He is low-usage overall though.

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If we get Ven Lubin somehow, this offseason will not only have been okay but a bigger win than staff had envisioned.