Transfer Recruiting

This is a kinda interesting. UVA doesn’t currently have a scholarship open. I talked to the guy reporting here, Byerly. He knows the situation really well, and Caleb is expected to move for the 2nd semester. Believes it’s fairly open. He surely has a few favorites, and generally wants to be close to home, but is listening to all comers.


Does He think we can get into this? 247 analysts saying UNC UK and TX.

Is he from an AAU program we have ties to?

Apologies in advance for speculating on a kid’s medical situation, but it seems possible that our involvement is potentially a signal about the expected outcome of Kody’s medical issue.

Didn’t really ask. Mills is used to having the greenest of lights. Suspect UVA would have a hard time just off reputation. Then again a guy like him can step right in and be the man here, so maybe that’s appealing.

He played for a Charlotte area unaffiliated team which has now sorta morphed into Team Curry (Under Armour). Not really an issue I would think for anyone. TB saw him play several times, thought they might dive in but didn’t.

Just read where former 5-star Nimari Burnett is leaving Texas Tech midway through his freshman year. I doubt we’d be involved but the transfer situation in college basketball is going to be out of control with this new rule and make it really tough for coaches to manage their rosters.

The good news is that I feel a lot better about TB than most when it comes to roster management, especially with the type of kids that we recruit.

But this transfer rule, while it might be “good” for the players, is going to be terrible for the game.


Aren’t we already in the second semester?

Don’t think it’s technically started yet

Correct. Spring semester starts Feb 1.


Mills says here that he’s open to waiting until summer to enroll at a new school. That fits more with UVA’s interest.


Makes the decision to transfer now really odd. If you enroll in the spring, it gives you time to immerse yourself in the team and practice, giving you a leg up once next year rolls around. But if you wait, why wouldn’t you use the year to continue your growth and make a run at the natty for a top ten team

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Caleb must be doing well in college because I didnt like his game in HS. I dont see him playing for a coach like TB.

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Huh? This makes no sense. Already have Jabri, Carson, Murray and Morsell.
Mills is not one of the best 6 players at Houston.
There is no need. He is shooting 25% from three.
He turns the ball over 5 times more than assists. 5x !!!

I’m sure the staff will reach out to any prominent transfer possibilities and that this won’t be hot pursuit. Assuming no transfers out (not a safe assumption) bringing this guy in would be cultural poison.

You take the best available and then you let everything work itself out. Mills was the preseason AAC player of the year but got beat out for minutes and his play dropped some but the potential is there. Im personally “meh” on this one but Im a silly fan so who cares about my opinion LOL

For a guy that uses statistical arguments this is a poor use of them to make your point. 25% on threes you say? He’s 1-4. Last year he shot 36.5% on 137 attempts. I’ll trust that number instead. Also, he has 1 assist and 6 TOs this year, not great I agree. But last year as a high usage player, he had 43 TOs all season. If you don’t think he fits, that’s fine, but find some better statistics than those ones.


Good points … I just looked briefly. Didn’t realize the small sample size this year. Thanks for the more complete data!
My point remains though about the glut at guard of underclassmen.


I don’t know anything about Burnett but if he’s leaving halfway through his freshman season (as a five-star), I highly doubt CTB would get involved. Heck, I’d have my questions too, Beard is an excellent Coach and doesn’t take any crap.

Just curious if Burnett has attitude issues or something deeper, to bail out of a very solid program that’s winning (just beat Texas at Texas) ball games.

Anyone know the scoop?

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On the surface it is all about PT… he expected a few people to leave and with this being a free year… he may have to wait longer to get significant PT…it is not a good look to leave one of the best coaches on CBB though…

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Makes sense.