Unbelievable the documentary airs on ESPN at 9pm

Would love to get people’s thoughts on it…

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I dug it,
As die hard fans, it was all stuff that we all already knew but it was still great to watch . It will also be great for the casual fan…


Team interviews were the best part - and there’s quite a bit of that. The segments with player and coach commentary on big plays were really well done.


I’m not home right now, but I have recorded it and I am very excited to watch it when I get back.

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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts @Benrekosh.

The 2 scenes that were cool to see. The monkey, the kihei look back…

Otherwise, it just felt like really cool game recaps.


Thought it was well done. Had great production. As a fan it was fun to go back and relive some of the tournament moments. The interviews with the players were great it’s always interesting to me to hear their thoughts and what they were thinking behind the scenes.

Plus I still get tense watching the TT game and even teared up a little bit when the confetti began to fall.


Going to watch it tonight with my family, and I am very excited. I’ll give you a full report of what I think!


ICYMI: UnbelieVAble is airing tonight and Monday night on ACCN at 7

Check out this short but accurate piece from Bennett Conlin aka the goat. Brings up some great points. Feel like we could dissect this doc for hours https://www.dailyprogress.com/takeaways-from-unbelievable-virginia-s-improbable-path-to-a-title/article_eaaf332a-0012-11ea-b899-4baad2c2fff3.html