UVA Basketball Thread 11/23

Rebounds are harder when you are scramble mode after hard hedge at 30 feet. Tough to be in position and I aplogise to Kadin


Yeah I think we need to ditch hedging and doubling as a whole with so many new faces. Keep practicing it and then when it clicks in practice apply it. But otherwise I would just overplay Dunn Bond Reece as many minutes and lock up iso.

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The solution to the rebounding is on the team but a year away from being ready and I’m talking about Buchanan and Robinson. Neither can solve the problem this season.

We appear to be what I thought we would be prior to the season. We’re a donut team that is very soft in the paint and we have a lot of nice players but no one capable of taking over offensively when we’re struggling. I still believe we’re going to be at the NIT / NCAA bubble, and that might be a little optimistic. OTOH, it is still possible a couple of our guys step up and take bigger roles which might lift the team a little, but I think that ceiling is not very high.

I still think we have a high ceiling. Again I think we are underestimating adding 8 new players, and having 2 first year to 2nd year transitionings. Without the europe practices and what not, 4-5 games into the season.

I think there are ways we can rebound better. If we abandon the hard hedge and post double we will have less players out of position when the ball swings and what not to make a concerted effort to rebound.

I think its all about experience and want to. BVP was probably our best rebounder last season at 6’8 and while we were not a great rebounding team overall we just had experience at the 4 and 5. I think we have better overall size and athleticism at the 4 and 5 - now just need the experience.


Is there precedent for Tony abandoning the hard hedge? I don’t really agree on the post double. We need to get better at it and use it less, but we are going to have to double post pretty frequently.

End of season bubble scenario definitely came to mind last night as I watched our difficulty getting clean looks and then clanking when we did. They wore us down and the lack of physicality and athleticism was discouraging.

The post double needs to be executed by players than cannot be easily passed over. Dunn and ? Their bigs calmly surveyed the floor and then whipped it around for the wide open 3. Every time.

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No you shut down the rest of the team and if their big scores 50 points you tip your hat and hope you can score 51. Especially vs a team like Wisconsin that knows your play-style in and out.

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Freshs two cent on hard hedge and double post. Dont do it everytime.

There should/ could be an element of surprise to these things. Last night kinda looked like we were “working on it” by doing it constantly. Other teams can plan for it

Jayden was good last year at it. Would come outta nowhere and get the big on their heels etc

Also, with experience and communication, guys can make their own minds up when to go but everyone else has to react

Maybe Jay Willy can yell out a signal like FRESH mid play


I’m not sure we need to totally abandon either. I like the idea of throwing different variations on the post-double. Sometimes double on the catch, sometimes double on the dribble, sometimes don’t double at all.

With the hedging, I think Blake is lingering too long and then getting caught out of position. I’m confident he’ll get better, hopefully soon. But I don’t think we can totally abandon it since our defensive scheme is predicated on now allowing dribble penetration.

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That’s fair and maybe an overreaction to the one game; but I do think it was something we needed to ditch vs Wisconsin specifically since they are so familiar with it.

Yeah I mean how did a 6’1 Kyle Guy and 6’5 Ty Jerome team dominate the boards with those two on the court? The bigs had to box out for those guys to get the rebounds.


Was just looking at one of those crazy OR stats from last night (Wisconsin had more ORs than Imelda Marcos had shoes, I think @DentistHoo) and it hit me — are we the best first shot defense ever? No joke, we are a monster first shot defense! All those ORs and they only scored in the 60s.

The problem is that getting a shot up is the best way to start offense against us.


For me, this season lost its shiny-new smell last night. It was bound to happen at some point.

I could use a more vulgar metaphor, but I wouldn’t want to upset the ladies present.


…you can sub in “my wife” for Imelda Marcos in my case…and it would work better :laughing:

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mostly concerned that we had a shiny smell, new or not. Rethinking everything.

I researched the other 10 High Major teams that got out rebounded that badly over the last 16 years.
Only one finished above .500 in conference play, 6 finished below .500 overall , and Rutgers in 2021 was the only one to win an NCAA tournament game. They got to 2nd round in 2021.

Maybe I’m missing an obvious answer: but why are we so bad at rebounding?

Kyle Guy averaged 4.5 rebounds per game in his last year. That would have ranked third on the team last year.