UVA football in the draft

I’ll probably write something on this in the next few weeks but here is something about uva prospects in the nfl draft this upcoming month https://www.dailyprogress.com/cavalierinsider/espn-s-mel-kiper-jr-assesses-uva-s-nfl-draft/article_5cab2214-baaf-5943-949c-fa76703d9d98.html


Also, how many people are interested in this kind of stuff? I find it very interesting myself, but I’m curious as to how others feel about it


I love this sort of stuff. I used to cover the combine and do huge draft boards back in the day and still enjoy watching certain prospects move through the proccess.

Im sure I would enjoy learning more about it! For me, college programs developing their players into professional athletes is a great measure for how strong a program is. So that is why Im interested in it. I love hearing when a UVA athlete makes it to the big leagues. Im also sure it is a great recruiting incentive as well.

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I love this stuff as well!

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Love it!

Glad you all enjoy this stuff as much as I do! I’ll be sure to do my best to cover it on here

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Would I like more great content about Virginia sports for free? Yes

But you can’t let standards slip for your existing responsibilities @Benrekosh

We expect steady improvement here.


Any chance that there will be a football recruiting specialist like HGN on LRA at some point? Would be a great addition.