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So happy he didn’t sign an agent


So you are saying there is a chance… you might return.


So this is a change in what was expected (by this site at least). Did we talk him out of going all in?

I realize it probably doesn’t matter and is all about the individual guys situation but what is our track record with guys who test the waters? I know Huff and Diakite came back after doing it. Didn’t Guy say he was maintaining his eligibility originally?

Maybe he didn’t get an agent but it was clear Guy was gone when he announced. I still feel more open ended about Murphy


Sorta split on this. If he is more likely to leave than not, then this isn’t ideal in terms of us pursuing a wing transfer. But if he sticks around next years team has a legit final four run if some pieces fall the right way


He’d be silly not to test the waters. There’s literally no downside. If he’s a second-round pick, I think it would be a mistake to leave, because he’s got a solid chance of becoming a first-round pick in another year. But I respect whatever choice he makes.

Guy was a different situation altogether. He had accomplished everything he wanted in college and an extra year was not going to improve his draft position.


I think there may have been a concern that if he returned that he would get all the defensive attention with all the scorers gone. Maybe getting Franklin and Gardner changed that perception a bit. If he returns we could be really good but if he doesn’t it ties TB’s hands a bit in filling his spot because the potential wings will not know how much playing time is available.


I think we should still be an attractive option for a top tier wing transfer. We still need to replace some of Hauser’s minutes at least. Hopefully we can still lock in someone who can make an immediate impact, then add another depth piece if Murphy ends up leaving

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Can confirm the lack of talent around him was a concern. Very possible these additions contributed to the decision to just test.


Does anyone know by when he has to decide if he is returning?

NBA deadline is July 19. NCAA could set a different date.

There’s usually 3-5 college seniors drafted in the 1st round each year. Murphy would have to shoot 50% from 3 and be ACC defensive PoY to get up there. End of the 1st round are playoff teams looking for role players, not all around contributors. Top half of the 2nd are non-contenders looking for a future breakout candidate.

If he’s top 45 or top 50 right now, I don’t really see him improving on that very much with another year in college and if he shows things that he can’t do he very may well go undrafted next year.

Coming back is him betting on himself. Mid second rounder with a guaranteed deal gets about 2 years 2.5 mil and 2 team options for about 2 mil a year. Low 1st gets about 2 years 5 mil with 2 options worth about 3-5 each. Would you bet 2.5 mil this year for 5 mil next year? I sure wouldn’t. 0 to 2.5 mil is life changing money. 2.5 mil to 5 mil is a comparatively smaller lifestyle improvement.


Murphy is looking at the Corey Kispert jump. That is Murphy ceiling if he comes back


Hmm. I’m torn. The truth is that Murphy as a player is exactly what next season’s team needs. On the other hand, Murphy getting drafted after being at UVA for 1 season and getting a guaranteed contract is exactly what UVA needs for recruiting transfers. The team wins either way, its just that if he waits until July to decide it’ll still help UVA’s transfer recruiting, but it’ll make it harder to find a replacement for him next season.

That having been said, he needs to make the decision that works for him. The worst outcome would be if he declares and the NBA promises were less than expected, leaving him undrafted. That’d be a disaster all around, and I’d hope he won’t make that leap until he’s pretty confident how he’ll end up however long it will take.


As long as scouts look at Kispert regular season. His tourney was not impressive. He was also booster by a stellar lineup around him. Something that Murphy did jot have before this weekend’s transfers.


Exacrly- Murphy can’t play 40 minutes at the 3 so we need atleast another big guard or a wing who can handle and score.


Kispert is still a lock to be a lottery pick regardless of the tourney.

Plenty of minutes at the 3 will go to Franklin/McCorkle/Murray while the double-headed-point-guard-lineup-that-shall-not-be-named-so-as-to-avoid-what-is-about-to-happen-anyway is on the floor