UVA vs. Louisville thread

Short turnaround…

Will we see any major changes Monday night?

Examples: Starting lineup change, Rotation Change, Offensive Scheme, etc.

  • Yes
  • No

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But in all seriousness, we got this


It appears the NC State bloodletting has run out of steam.

What are we looking for tonight?

Both teams with identical records, both overall and in conference, and both 5-5 in their last 10 games. UVa looks about a 5 point favorite.

Familiar name Noah Locke seems to be their top scorer at only 10.5 PPG and a tough 36% from the field. Feels like a low-scoring affair awaits, but I haven’t watched Louisville at all.

Watching an NBA game and the Warriors had a guy who was on fire - 4/5 from 3 land … how did the Jazz counter to try to slow him down? They immediately went after him on the other end and made him play defense on 4 straight possessions - his man scored 7 straight points and effectively ended the mini confidence run Lee had going and he was done for that quarter. He didn’t score again the rest of the night. That’s what I love about basketball. Multiple ways to play defense on a guy and many times it’s by playing offense on him.


Saddle up going to be a fun one boys and girls. Over/Under on first hot take? 11:AM est


i don’t even know what i’d want to see that is “realistic” (we know he’s not gonna start Igor or Taine…).

maybe push the pace more to try to steal 5-10 more points in transition, but also don’t expect that. I feel like, particularly given the D at NCSU, Tony is gonna try to win this game 48-45. Not particularly excited about watching.

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I just want to see Mr Beekman and Mr Shedrick play well. Gimme some hope.


Shulman + Cory tonight. Interesting combo.

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I miss Angel already.

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You mean Angie?


Take the over. I also see it’s now 11:15 am and I’d like to say that Mack and Tony are playing for their jobs tonight.

The above is intended as an (unfunny) joke for at least one of the coaches mentioned above.


What’s even scarier is what if it’s not a career saving game for a certain coach if they win?


I’d guess Mack will ultimately be fine career wise. Just won’t be at Louisville. He’ll resurface somewhere after a year or two as an NBA assistant (or something along those lines) to cool things off.


Mack is definitely #1 topic on Ville boards … they wanna clean house … and others think they can’t do better right now

True his career is likely fine as long as it’s not at UofL. To me Mack is the perfect case study of being seen not heard and rising to the top. I remember him on the staff at X when I was there, but he was buried pretty deep and more of a plant in the corner of the room. I never would have thought he’d take over 5 or so years after I left, and definitely would not have guessed he’d parlay that into an ACC gig.


And now all of a sudden, Travis Steele looks like he’s got things moving in the right direction. Plus that kid from DC coming next year (Tyrell Ward). X just has a good thing going. Maybe Steele will think twice when the bigger offer comes along…

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X always seems to linger on the edge of mid-major to major status. I was there when they went to their first Elite 8 and the last great push began. Problem is they will always be a stepping stone program because of the refusal to pay coaches. Look at their last four coaches all bounced for Power 5 jobs; Gillian, Mata, Miller, Mack.


Not sure where to post this, but the discrepancy here is crazy to me.

In conference play:

Team Reb % Offense Defense
Shedrick at Center 26.0% 58.9%
Caffaro at Center 36.3% 73.3%

Doesn’t count minutes where both/neither are in.


Shedrick is a great rim protector, but he takes himself out of position for rebounding by going for blocks way too often. That’s something that hopefully just improves with time.

Really does feel to me like Shedrick is on the same general developmental curve as Mamadi. Hopefully we see the light come on just like we did with him.