UVA vs Virginia Tech

Valentine’s Day

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Ironic, given the state slogan and how the two fan bases feel about one another.

I’d also expect some livestock in the seats tonight.



Be great if we get LJ commit on Virginia is for Lovers day then we go down and smash Bass Tech later @chavlicek15


I’m waiting for him to update and tell us he’s thinking about committing around St. Patrick’s Day now :rofl:


My twins’ bday so good with me!

We can get them in matching London hoodies to match their Reece!! ones!

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Lastly where else would a PG named London with great hair commit…

Fired up for tonights game yall. Both teams are rollin right now and the atmosphere will be great.


London’s Norcross team starts their run in their regional playoffs tonight against Archer, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a commitment anytime soon. But they’ve started their playoffs way earlier than most high school leagues it seems, so that nice.


So I did a little research on the playoff schedule to get an idea of when his season would be over (and hopefully an official commitment announcement to follow).

It looks like there are 8 regions, and the top 4 from each region advance to the state tournament. Norcross is already in the regional Final Four so they will be playing in the state tournament.

First round is Feb 22-23
Second round is Feb 25-26
Quarterfinals are March 1-2
Semifinals are March 4-5
Finals are March 12

I have no idea how far Norcross is expected to advance.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t realize this is the UVA vs VT thread.

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I don’t really know what to make of this game tonight. This isn’t the same Tech team UVA faced last month. Mutts and Murphy are playing a lot better, and their bench is scoring now, with Maddox playing really well. Tech’s fans are really feelin’ themselves lately and will show up for tonight’s game. Not that I think that will faze UVA after going down into Cameron and winning.

That said, Tech has to shoot poorly from behind the arch in order for the Hoos to have a chance tonight. Get them off their game, force Aluma and Mutts to make baskets, and take the crowd out of it for awhile. Either a close UVA win, or Tech shoots well and wins by 15. Hoping for that close win like last time to shut these annoying Hokies up.


Is Murphy going to play well with Reece! guarding him?

100% agree this game comes down to Tech’s ability to shoot 3’s/our ability to defend the 3.

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Will Reece guard him though? That would mean Clark having to guard Cattoor - unless they hide Clark on Alleyne??

During their game against Syracuse, Murphy only played 14 mins, with Pedulla playing 19 and Maddox with 24. Regardless, I think Reece has the potential to shut all of those guys down.

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I’d definitely put Kihei on Murphy. Put Reece on Cattoor, I think it’s really important we don’t let him get going.


Uh Tony is not looking to hide Kihei. Tony has talked up his defense for 4 years.

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Those were the matchups last game. UVA really matches up well with their backcourt.


It’s hilarious but true what you said about Tech fans feeling themselves. They were questioning why they extended Mike Young two weeks ago and calling this season a massive failure (it still has been honestly) but then they rattle off wins against an FSU team that is a complete free fall and was missing 3 starters, Pitt twice (one game they almost blew a 28 point lead), and Syracuse and Georgia Tech at home, and now all of a sudden they’ve turned things around? I’m not buying it. I still am scared about the matchup but this isn’t a top quality team we’re playing


Got all types of bubble guts ahead of tonight. Always good to feel nervous before a game