Very interesting class of 2020 visitor yesterday

UVA hosted 2020 wing Jordan Geronimo of St. Paul’s in New Hampshire yesterday on an unofficial visit. He was one of the summer’s biggest stock climbers.

Jordan has upcoming official visits scheduled to Indiana, Georgia, and Boston College. He also took unofficial visits today to Penn State and WVU. He doesn’t have a Virginia offer yet, but this is a recruitment they’re very interested in crashing.

While he only burst on to the radar for most high major programs this summer, our staff has actually been in contact since at least last Fall. In part because his sister is a current student and member of the rowing team.


Isn’t Virginia currently maxed out on scholarships for 2020?

UVA does have a scholarship open. A player has left the program. It should be made public soon. I won’t comment any further on the subject until then.


Wow - watched this kid’s junior year video. Really interesting if he grows about two more inches and puts on 20 pounds. With his wingspan, he looks like a better prospect than Dre - long way to go, but he really is intriguing if you add him for 2020. That being said, I’d rather pocket the scholly for 2021 (but CTB never pockets one) or go hard for Carter Whitt if he’s ready to re-class, but l’d really be happy with “look out below - Geronimo!”


bring him on!

a very flattering review of Geronimo from an Indiana site; Also noteworthy is his hand-size


The analysis of Jordan’s game is very detailed, but it reads like a Russian internet phishing scam.


With a name like Jordan tho…

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His mom, Dawn Royster, was a star hooper at UNC in the early 80s. So yeah she probably named him after the :goat: