Virginia lands Indiana transfer Armaan Franklin

Yeah. There’s some sour grapes, but the IU boards have mostly been more mature about this than I expected.


Broken finger AND appendicitis. He had a rough couple months.


Talk about a perfect fit in every imaginable way…can’t wait to watch this kid…


Most used lineup with the big 3 was Kihei and Salt, used 13 times.

Second most frequent lineup included Mamadi and Salt. used 12 times.

The lineup used from the Oklahoma game through the championship was used for those 5 games, plus a game against Georgia Tech at the end of February.

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I should’ve gone straight to BBall Reference. I knew they had game logs but I didn’t want to click through all the box scores. Better though is they have the starting lineup logs. Looks like it went Key/Salt to Key/Diakite to Clark/Salt to Diakite/Salt back to Clark/Salt and finally to Clark/Diakite.

Oh yeah. Point was multi year starter Salt didn’t lose his starting spot until the tournament. I just can’t see Coach Bennett benching Clark unless he’s just awful. Even then he might still start and just play fewer minutes.

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