Virginia v BC RD2

I see this game to indicate whether it will be an uphill or downhill battle for the rest of the season.


wow. what a foto. is this game even on tv? cant find it

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I count myself lucky to have it on ACCN via Verizon

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yea you are. the unlucky who pay for cable and cant watch the National Champs play tonight. Enjoy and go hoos!

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No Derryck Thornton again.

Injury News: Derryck Thornton is out due to back spasms. Jared Hamilton will start tonight.

— BC Bulletin (@BostonCollegeSI) February 20, 2020

Somebody link @DFresh11 a stream please

Wish Thornton was playing. I think he is so inefficient that he hurts BC. Also reddit is your friend for streams @DFresh11

Try the Basketball page on
They seem to have a stream of the game running on the site

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Twitter sometimes has streams

I’ve used that site before it works pretty well. May be behind at times

Thank you guys. Imma just cancel cable and fly down for games live at some point. hahhaha


Even when we are impressive we are frustrating :rofl:. Too many easy points for BC.

Good thing they’re making shots. Not doing anything else well.

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Link to tonights game:

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This lineup is…interesting.


To say the least

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Tomas Woldetensae, point guard. :grinning:


well…Looks like Tomas has to be the point now…

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Yeah it’ll be interesting to see where they go here. Chase? Morsell? I don’t know that we’ve had a 4 minute stretch in a while without Kihei.

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O…only 2 on clark haha