Virginia vs. Duke Saturday 11/18 3PM

Showing some love to our football and kicking this thread off early. The Hoos host the Blue Devils on Saturday at Scott Stadium. Currently (Tuesday AM) the Hoos are +4 and the O/U is 47, and I’ll lock in the over on that right now.

More importantly Saturday’s game also marks the first ever Unofficial LRA Football Tailgate. Entry is $10 or a cold beer, bourbon earns you entrance to the VIP section. Perks of attending include hanging with a live dragon and the opportunity for a selfie with a @DFresh11 cardboard cutout of his LRA Profile pic. Food is not included.

How we feeling about our chances on Saturday?


You’re a brave man to start the game thread.

I think we are gonna win and burst the Elko bubble (even more).

Had contemplated a trip for this one – bummed to miss an unofficial tailgate (even though I’m anti-tailgate; one of my many bad takes)


This is amazing and my man @BDragon skirting my NIL rights via cardboard is Fing next level


Coleandra starting again.


He reminds me of a young Joe Montana. Fight me!


I feel pretty good tbh…… big opportunity to get two massive wins to carry momentum into the off-season with high school and portal recruiting.


Really wish we’d stop getting injuries on the D though.


If you’re scared get a dog.

My starting or not starting a thread has had 0 impact on this team they are 2-7.

Shame you’re missing the tailgate, also coldest take you’ve ever made on here and that is saying something.

@DFresh11 you know your boy knows how to handle that dark money been dropping bags since 98.


Won’t be able to attend the official unofficial tailgate unfortunately, hopefully taking a plane to Ft. Myers that morning to see the basketball team play in their tourney is enough of an excuse for the absence.

Would like to see the boys end the season on a high note these last two games, for the ones we lost tragically last year and also for Perris who deserves all the well wishes. Regardless of the outcomes I’m proud of the program for fighting every week and showing signs of improvement.


I have to say, for all the limitations of this team, I love that these guys don’t quit and I’m glued to the TV each week, if not there in person. Proud of their fight and enthusiasm. Go Hoos.


Riley Leonard playing?

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I’m hearing no, but I’ve heard that before with him just to see him suit up on Saturday.

Where’s the tailgate?

East lot by the stadium

Update tailgate will be sponsored by Zima. That’s right refreshing great taste Zima for your tailgating needs.


You gotta have a cooler of 40s, Boonshill, and MadDog 20/20


I’ll only come if you augment those Zimas with some Smirnoff Ice. Now that stuff is refreshing!

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Reminiscing the past with an old farts retread from the past…

If Thursday is Little Friday… what is Saturday?


Sabado gigante of course!

Nut you gonna make the LRA tailgate bro?

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