Virginia vs. Florida (11/10/23) 7pm EST ACC Network

How are you feeling after the Tarleton State game? From 0 (bad) to 10 (Through the roof)

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Are you more optimistic or pessimistic on the season outlook after Game 1?

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Florida will probably be the 2nd best team we play all year besides Duke. On paper they’re better than any other non con team we’ll play imo.

3 guards that all shoot well from 3 and two bigs that could give us trouble and who apparently were hitting 3’s in the opener. Tough matchup but should be a fun litmus test.

I’ll be there getting rowdy and hope to see us hang with them. I’ll be encouraged if we keep it somewhat close but I’ll inevitably forget I said this and expect a win.

Edit: I forgot we play Texas A&M but that’s at least at home and they don’t scare me as much. And yes, I think by seasons end they will be better than North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Miami despite being ranked behind all of those teams.


Do the Draft gurus get what they want – Dunn covering Kugel, for at least several possessions?

I’d like to see it, because I think defensive versatility is something I’d like to see. It would probably make other things a bit more of a rough fit.


I don’t have enough information to know where Florida will rank as the season progresses compared to our other opponents. Right now in Kenpom U.Va. is #28 and Florida is #40. By comparison, Tarleton State is #236 abd Loyola MD (UF’s opponent last night) is #301.

Of course those are preseason rankings based on limited data, so I don’t take them too seriously. I expect a tough game in a rowdy environment, and we will have to play focused and steady to win. I also expect we’ll see a lot of post traps to neutralize their height advantage, which will require precise and quick coverage of players left open. If we shoot 40% or better from the 3-point line I think we’ll win.


I expect a tough game in a mostly dead, neutral site environment. Aren’t there 3 different games? Even optimistically, only about 40% of the arena will be into the game. (Which is fine; March hoops is neutral site hoops – but not exactly rowdy.)


I also don’t have enough information to know where Virginia will rank as the season progresses. So I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this game.

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I don’t think we’ll see the matchup. We will need Dunn to guard Florida’s bigs. They have 4 capable guys 6’9 or bigger. I could definitely see us try Bond on Kugel for a bit though.


Bond on Kugel is a bit more realistic, and also fun to consider. Maybe Reece a bit?


I assume we’ll start Reece on him like we put Reece on Proctor.

Clayton - McKneely/Harris
Richard - Rohde
Kugel - Beekman/Bond
Samuel - Dunn/Minor/Groves
Handlogten - Groves/Buchahan

I could honestly also see a scenario where we go small and make UF react. I’m not sure we match up well enough going big. We could go small and switch to throw them off. Regardless we’ll likely try a bunch of different things.


Kugel reminds me of Bonzi Wells

The Cav Killer?

Wow. Someone is high…on Florida.

Team shot 37% from 3 last night and gave up 73 to Loyola. Can’t extrapolate too much from one game but I suspect Vegas has us as small favorites for this game.

Florida, like us, will likely improve over the course of the season. But second best team we play besides Duke? They’re picked to finish 7th in the SEC by the media. Maybe they overperform but this feels like a reach. Love the OOC schedule this season tho. Should really help the team grow.


This is purely my opinion but I love their guards and think Kugel is going to be a star for them. I could end up being completely wrong in this.

Glad we are playing them early since they’re also breaking in a number of new pieces


Last time we played boy-wonder Analytics god Todd Golden… anyone on our team makes a layup and we never hear about this guy

Short version

Long Version


When looking at that starting lineup I was like “woah, that’s a really good team.”


Dunn gonna send Kugel back a few slots after d’ing him up a la Dre vs Culver


Dre ended Culver’s career


He really hasn’t amounted to much in the pros, has he?

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6.5 ppg 2.8 boards and 1.2 ast. on about 10 mpg for his career… yea he may not get that second contract