Virginia's Triangle Offense

I decided to take a look back at the offensive scheme that beat Texas Tech. Give it a read:


Really great write up. Im quite ignorant on offensive schemes. So it was quite educational.

So curious your thoughts, Toward the end you said, “While we can’t expect any massive improvements from individual players, only slight increases in shooting efficiency, we can expect that Bennett will find the right scheme for this team in the appropriate situations.”
Im also confident Bennett is going to continue to make changes and improvements in the offense. I mean our offensive line up is very new and inexperienced, so there is lots of room to only improve…But Dont you think that at least one of our three guards who isnt hitting, is going to soon find his shot? They are getting open looks it seems… I kind of am expecting Waldo, Morrell, or Stattman to step up their game and find their shot at some point. Ive heard people say all three of them can shoot…So just wondering if my expectations are off a bit. Do you think the offensive scheme needs to change a bit so they have better opportunities and are not rushed to put up a quick Kyle Guy quick release shot?


Honestly, I think the continuity ball screen and mover blocker has been generating shots, I just think they’ve been missing open shots. Then when they start missing, specifically Morsell has been passing up open looks. I think it’s also more about executing their current schemes than altering what they are running. With so many new pieces, it will take time to get in a groove. I’m confident they’ll start hitting eventually, it’s still very early in Morsell’s Stattmann’s and Woldo’s career so they’re probably a little bit shocked by the bright lights, but I agree that they’ll get there, it just won’t be this drastic flip of a switch we’re all hoping for. Shot selection will also improve with time as they get to know the offense and understand what kind of shot they should be looking for. Probably the biggest schematic change I’d like to see is a few more designed plays in the post for Huff and Diakite.


These are great write ups and a really enjoyable read! Hope you continue this as the season progresses. It’s amazing to see how great coaches solve problems on the court with different offensive and defensive sets.


One thing that we havent mentioned much is Kihei’s outside shooting is looking really looking good this year. Unfortunately he needs a bit more distance between him and a defender to get his shot off. Im with you on more plays designed for Huff and Diakite…but Im worried that teams are starting to key in on them more and more because we dont have the distance shooters anymore to spread the floor… if our new guys are truly good shooters, we got to make sure they dont stop throwing shots up. It might be painful now…but its the best way that they might make improvements for later on in the season during more critical games.
One other thing I’d like to mention, I cant wait til the day Bennett has an arsenal of both talented/offensively proficient forwards/centers and guards. Usually we have some offensive talent in the guard position. This year is opposite for maybe the first time ever in the Bennett era…Imagine a year when we are dangerous from both the inside and out…plus our style of defense…That would be an amazing situation! And the way recruiting is going, this could happen very soon…


Appreciate it! I’ll defnitley be keeping up with this type of coverage!


Good point on Kihei, he’s definitely improved his shot, or at least proven he can hit consistently, even from a few steps past the line. Defenses have converged, namely Maine’s, so yeah they’re gonna have to take and make shots from the outside. Frankly, with Huff and Hauser and the maturation of Morsell and Clark, that type of lineup could come as soon as next year. Of course, landing someone like Efron Reid, coupled with the 2020 class would likely be a more realistic representation of that concept.


We have got some great shooters in next year’s class. One other thing I would like to see is Mamadi and Jay in particular look for that outside shot more often instead of passing it up. Jay is a good shooter, he turns down too many outside shots. He hits a few and the defense cant clog the inside as much


Seconded. Awesome work Zach!


Appreciate it!

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great forum and discussion, appreciate this intel!