Wahoops Intro to LockerRoomAccess.com Community

My name is Gray Ellington and I want to formally thank @JusAnderson1 , @TyJerome, Mark Jerome, @hoostw and @kodiecritzer for bringing me onboard the Locker Room Access team about a month ago. This is an incredible opportunity for me as a fan after starting @wahoops_ on Instagram under 3 years ago and starting the Wahoops Podcast only 5 months ago. It’s amazing for me that they took notice of what I was doing on IG and wanted me to be a part of the LRA team. I’m eager for Football season to get going and of course Basketball season shortly thereafter. I’m a lifelong UVA fan and a 2016 Media Studies graduate. A few weeks ago, I got to meet up with a few members of our team @hoostw, JA, and Mark Jerome at Justins youth camp in Fredericksburg. It was great having some of the team together, since most of us are remote from each other. We were able to strategize for and conduct 3 interviews with Justin, Teven and a former Duke player…and we got to enjoy an incredible meal prepared by Justins mother. It was funny and exciting listening to Teven Jones and Justin tell stories about past UVA teams and the BRIGHT FUTURE ahead for Virginia Basketball and Athletics. We want the Locker Room Access website and original content to be a part of that future and we also hope that our gear will become a part of the “fabric” of the UVA community and its fans. On Locker Room Access, we want to go beyond W/L’s and Championships…and bring you stories, interviews, analysis and banter on this incredible program.

Over the past 2 seasons, Virginia Basketball wrote the greatest redemption story in the history of College Basketball. It will forever be a staple of UVA Sports lore. We were able to breakthrough and win the 2019 National Championship, elevating our beloved program to new heights. Since then we have won a Lacrosse National Championship, Malcom signed a 80+ million dollar contract with the Pacers, won the Capital One Cup for Men’s Sports/were honored at the ESPY’s, JPJ hosted the NBAPA Top 100 Camp, we saw 3 of our former women’s soccer players win a World Cup, had 3 players drafted in the NBA - including lottery #4 pick - Dre Hunter, Joe Harris is vying for a spot on the USA National Team and was joined in Brooklyn by KD and Kyrie, we got a few huge basketball commitments and now Virginia Football…is favored to win the ACC Coastal…the Final Frontier of UVA Athletics…I believe we have a great chance to win the Coastal and win 10 games for the 2nd time in school history. A lot of that will depend on the health of the team and especially the health of Bryce Perkins. Exciting times for Virginia Sports, follow along here and on @wahoops_ on Instagram.

I’m excited to bring my passion, creativity, expertise and vision to the Locker Room Access Team as the Content Manager. I will be sharing my IG posts and constantly updating the message board with content, breaking news and banter. Look out for more from the wahoops podcast as our team will continue to interview current players, former players, media members and perhaps some super fans down the road. My favorite parts about running the wahoops instagram account:

  1. Giving away tickets or operating as a ticket exchange. Love giving people the opp to see a game.
  2. Being able to interact with younger fans, which I do regularly. Sharing my knowledge to them.
  3. The breaking news aspect and constantly being on the lookout for stories and updates.
  4. Showing passion and putting detail and creativity into the writing/captions.
  5. Being able to interact with players through podcast or having them interact with my content on IG.
  6. Doing giveaways and other creative contests to drive engagement.

I also want to welcome @HoozGotNext to the team and thank him for inspiring me to formally announce myself as part of the Locker Room Access Team on the site. Make sure to look out for an episode with the recruiting guru - Hooz Got Next on the Wahoops Podcast in the next few weeks.

Through video content, podcasts, message board’s, gear, recruiting updates, philanthropy, athlete alumni updates, and other creative content…we have you covered. This is your locker room access pass to everything Virginia Basketball…and beyond. lockerroomaccess.com is MOBILE FRIENDLY and super easy to use.

Welcome!! We are excited and grateful you have joined us on the site!

go hoos, wahoowa!


I’ve subscribed to just about every website related to UVA sports and recruiting for many years. Wahoops is the best content I’ve come across to date. The information is timely and relevant, and the production quality is creative and professional. Gray’s passion for UVA Athletics shows in the excellency of his product. Happy to see that you’re involved with LockerRoomAccess because I know that bodes well for the success of this site. Excited for the future of the Wahoops/LockerRoomAccess partnership!


Very excited to see Gray join the team at LockerRoomAccess. Well deserved and he will undoubtedly elevate the platform not only for UVA basketball content but for all of the Hoos sports teams. #wahoowa


Thanks @uva123 I really appreciate the words. Welcome!

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Thank you @pmart804. Wahoowa!

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2019 was the year of the Cavaliers, a year that all UVA fans will remember for the rest of their lives. As a resident of Charleston, South Carolina for four years, I was in living in the heart of SEC territory, as well as the land of the Clemson Tigers. I constantly heard about the SEC programs, Clemson football’s success, as well as any other news on college sports that did not pertain to the University of Virginia. I grew up in Charlottesville, attended the University as a walk on football player, so living in a place where UVA was not relevant, talked about, or televised was tough.

Through Gray’s platform, Wahoops, I was able to closely follow all updates, news, scores, CHAMPIONSHIPS, anything that was linked to UVA sports. This is going to be a reliable and unbelievable partnership. Wahoops and LockerRoomAccess have already done an incredible job in relaying news and updates to UVA fans across the country. I look forward to what the two accounts have in store for the up and coming football season, and all other Virginia sports seasons that are about to kick off. See you all in Scott Stadium on September 6th! WAHOOWAH


Wahoops has been some of the best and up to date content on the Hoos since Gray started it just a few years ago. Looking forward to what I think will be highly valuable contributions from him to this new platform at LockerRoomAccess!


An avid UVA fan from birth, there has only been one platform that has been able to truly captivate me to the fullest as both a consumer and fan…and that is Wahoops. The content displayed is exciting, relevant, factual and wholeheartedly fires me up!

It’s great to finally see such a great social media presence for UVA fans across the globe and one that comes from a man who gets it. Gray has been there from the get-go, he’s endured the trials and tribulations that Uva Athletics has been over the years and he was born to bleed orange and blue. His content clearly displays his enthusiasm and passion as a fan!

Very glad to see him on LRA and excited to see what the future of Wahoops has in store!
#wahoowa #hoosrising #stillnattychamps


Huge fan of your content, Wahoops. Excited to stay engaged through LRA. Congrats to all for winning the ship.



This is fantastic news. Gray’s self-starting work ethic, competitive drive, and passion for UVA athletics make him the perfect fit for this role at LRA. Wahoops has been my go-to for UVA sports updates over the past few years, so I am excited to utilize this platform and cannot wait to see where he and LRA take it. Go Hoos!


I have gotten to know Gray over these past couple of years, his passion for Virginia Sports is incredible. Wahoops has the best Virginia content on social media, keeping the fans involved with contests and giveaways! I was Gray’s first contest winner I believe back in 2017, I won 2 tickets to the UVA/VT football game. Great to see Gray join the LRA team!


Pumped for Gray, Wahoops, the LRA team! No one is more passionate about UVA sports than the G-man, a fact evident in the recent Wahoops success. Very excited for this account and the continued close coverage of Virginia sports!


Truer words have naught ever been spoken miltyhoos, save for @SlaughterFitzHoo

Proud to be a part of the Wahoo tradition, and excited to watch our fan base and social media presence expand with our continued success!

Keep up the good work Wahoops!


I agree with this, I live in SEC country as well (with a tinge of UofL)…